When you have kids with someone you’re not in a relationship with, child support is going to be a central issue. Your attorney should be someone you trust. But what makes an attorney worthy of trust in your most important family law matters?

Honest advice

The first step to trust is honesty. Your attorney should be frank and clear with you about what is ahead in your child support case. Honesty may mean you hear things you don’t like, but that’s far better than spending a fortune on a lost cause. Going into any meeting and only hearing things you want to hear is often a sign of a dishonest assessment.

Compassionate service

Even if your outlook isn’t amazing for child support, your attorney should still be caring with you. They should know that the struggles of dealing with parental matters are highly stressful, and you need to know that someone is on your side.

Experience in Washington law

While every attorney understands the text of the law, how jurisdictions approach the law and rule is different. Judges can have personality differences. Certain districts can have unique requirements. Experience can often mean the difference between a drawn-out process and an efficient experience.

Attention to you

One of the most important things you want from your attorney will listen to you about your case. An attorney who can demonstrate that they understand your stance on legal matters and what you desire as an outcome is important. You want your attorney to help you stay in control of the situation, not try to take control of it.

Child support matters are a strain; find an attorney who makes it easier

The simple fact is that everything related to parenting and money is hard, and nowhere is that more apparent than with child support. The strain on you isn’t going to go away. Find an attorney who will help you hold it up.