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Major family transitions are hard, especially things like a divorce that change the family’s structure. Such a change isn’t only emotionally difficult–it can be incredibly complicated from a legal standpoint.

Fortunately, you have the option to work with a family law attorney in Bellevue that residents know and trust. From our office less than 20 minutes from the heart of Seattle, we support families during some of the most challenging periods of their lives

Envision Family Law Areas of Expertise

Our lawyers specialize in all areas of family law and recognize that every case is unique. We’ll listen to your story from beginning to end to understand the various factors and determine the best path forward.

Divorce Attorney Bellevue

If you’re considering separating from or divorcing your spouse, it’s time to speak to a legal professional. Even if you haven’t discussed the issue with your partner yet, it can be incredibly helpful to go into the conversation with a thorough understanding of the legal system.

A typical divorce may be contested or uncontested. It may involve property and financial assets, or the couple might not share anything of significant monetary value.

Perhaps they have children together, though many other divorcing couples don’t. Each situation calls for different proceedings, and our divorce attorneys in Bellevue, WA can help you through any of them.

While it’s true that you don’t need your spouse’s consent to obtain a divorce, trying to get one on your own, without legal counsel, increases the chance that he or she will withhold property or information if they find out.

Your best bet is to talk to a lawyer first to prevent such complications.

Child Support Attorneys in Bellevue

Getting the support you and your family need after a divorce or other major transition is vital. Our lawyers are ready to assist you in securing child support, post-secondary (college) support, spousal support, and support enforcement.

One of the most important aspects of the child support process is ensuring that your children feel loved, heard, and safe. We prioritize respect and discretion in all of our client dealings, especially when children are involved. As we determine payment amounts, who pays what, and how to be sure payments get made, we strive to put the kids first at every turn.

Child Custody Attorneys in Bellevue

Rarely is child custody as easy as working out a shared schedule. Depending on whether you and your co-parent were married or not, how you’re employed, and your child’s needs, the courts will undoubtedly set up hoops for you to jump through in order to get what’s best for your family.

Our lawyers have a great deal of experience helping divorced, LGBTQ, military, and many other kinds of families find a path to peace and routine.

At every point in the process, we put children first, including demonstrating your ability to provide for daily needs, honor your kids’ important relationships, and consider the wishes of the children themselves.

Expert Divorce Attorneys in Bellevue, WA

There’s no replacement for a solid, reliable family law attorney. Because divorce can be emotionally demanding and draining, not to mention unpredictable, guidance from someone who understands the law and how to present your case is invaluable.

Even when both people know a divorce is for the best, that doesn’t make the process easy. For couples who have been together a long time, owned property, and maybe raised children together, this kind of transition is difficult no matter what. The last thing you need is to navigate the legal aspects on your own.

Our team is prepared to negotiate civilly with the other party involved, working to nail down a plan that works for everyone. However, if negotiations break down and the other side isn’t budging, we’re not afraid to represent you aggressively in a trial.

Reach out to a divorce attorney Bellevue has counted on for years, whether or not you have talked about divorce with your spouse. Rest assured that all attorney-client communication will be kept confidential.

Experienced Child Custody Attorneys in Every Case

Child custody law is complex and ever-evolving. Working with an experienced attorney means you won’t have to worry about understanding the laws of Washington state and developing a strong case.

Our team makes a point of keeping up with changes to the law, and seeking out the strategies that will strengthen your position.

Of course, this doesn’t mean we don’t want you to ask questions! For most parents, the child custody process is an opportunity to understand how the law works.

Keep in mind that the courts make their decision based on your individual circumstances. Factors like which parent takes on more responsibility and how well the parents split duties in general can impact a ruling. It’s very possible to wind up with joint custody when things are already well divided.

Attorneys with Comprehensive Insight into Family Law in Bellevue, WA

When you need the best family law attorney Bellevue can offer, look no further than Envision Family Law. We’re proud to have a team of knowledgeable, compassionate lawyers who are ready to represent you.

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In 1998, Timothy Healy and Jason Benjamin founded Envision Family Law Group to provide strong support for families moving through difficult transitions. After helping numerous clients at the toughest times in their lives, we’re more committed to that mission than ever.

To be as accessible to you as possible, we offer several ways to communicate, including text messages. You can be confident that your legal team uses up-to-date software and security measures to tackle any issue and keep your information safe.

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