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When you and your spouse decide to officially part ways, the transition can be challenging. Even when both partners agree that the relationship is over, rearranging your life is never easy.

If you share children, property, or other important things, it usually complicates the process, and navigating that process on your own becomes increasingly difficult. That is why it’s in your best interest to find an experienced family law attorney in Seattle.

Not only are attorneys familiar with the law and how it applies to your situation, but they’ll take much of the busywork burden off your shoulders, giving you more time to heal, adjust, and spend time with those who support you.

Envision Family Law Areas of Expertise

Family law is a broad legal category including everything from divorce to child support to relocation. We take pride in offering legal services in many of these areas, always treating our clients with compassion while working tirelessly for their wellbeing and that of their families.

Learn a bit more about some of our primary practice areas to determine what services you may need most.

Divorce Attorney in Seattle

If you’re seriously considering divorce, your first step should be to seek legal counsel, either on your own or with your spouse. A divorce attorney in Seattle will be able to guide you through the vital steps, and manage the legal aspect while you concentrate on other areas of your life.

Some divorces are contested while other ones move forward without pushback from either party. It’s true that your spouse doesn’t have to agree to the divorce for you to obtain one. However, the process will be smoother if you both have the same end goal.

We recommend speaking with a divorce lawyer, even if you haven’t yet discussed divorce with your spouse. Your attorney can advise on the best path forward and how to prevent the other party from withholding property, children, or information in order to keep you from leaving.

Child Support Attorney Seattle

When parents decide to divorce, they usually want as little disruption to their children’s lives as possible. One solution is to ensure there’s enough money to provide them with food and shelter, as well as the things they need to feel loved and protected.

Your family law attorney in Seattle will help negotiate who pays child support, how much, and what steps will be taken to enforce the final court order. It’s important to build an agreement that is both realistic and fair.

For us, the most important thing is that your children’s safety and well being are top priority. We work hard to respect their privacy and input (depending on their age, of course) while doing all we can to build the right child support agreement.

Child Custody Attorney Seattle

Parents need child custody agreements for a range of reasons. Divorce is a common one, though unmarried parents may also need a custody order. Our family law attorneys also work with LGBTQ and military families who may be dealing with unique circumstances.

Like child support cases, child custody is about the wellbeing of the children involved. The attorneys will look at who performs what parenting functions, who has the proper resources for doing so, and how the parents have historically prioritized their children over other things in their life.

Expert Family Law Divorce Attorneys

Most people don’t have a great deal of experience when it comes to navigating divorce. It tends to be an emotional transition, even when the parties don’t share children or assets and agree that ending the marriage is for the best.

This is one reason it’s so important to work with a divorce attorney in Seattle. Our lawyers know how to look at cases and find the spots that need more attention, will require expert negotiation, and could be problematic in a trial.

Experienced Child Custody Attorneys in Every Case

When you and your child’s other parent can’t easily agree on a custody arrangement, it’s important to work with a third party who has your family’s best interests in mind.

Child custody negotiations have the potential to be highly emotional and even frightening; involving a family law attorney in Seattle lessens that weight for you and your children.

Attorneys with Comprehensive Insight into Family Law in Seattle, WA

Every lawyer at Envision Family Law cares deeply about families and their individual needs and goals. We’re proud to have attorney Heather Ramirez serving our Seattle clients with compassionate and reliable expertise.

Ms. Ramirez earned her undergrad in the state of Washington and her Juris Doctor right here in Seattle. She’s spent time volunteering as a community legal resource as well as a child advocate within the court system.

Specializing in prenuptial agreements, child support, and guardianship for minors, Ms. Ramirez helps her clients resolve disputes while guiding them through complex legal challenges.

She’s licensed to practice in the United States District Court and is a member of several professional organizations.

Contact a Seattle Family Law Attorney Today for a Consultation

When you need a family law attorney in Seattle, we’ll be ready to take your call. Envision Family Law was founded by Jason Benjamin and Timothy Healy in 1998, and since that time we’ve committed ourselves to the wellbeing of families in Washington and California.

To get started with your initial consultation, call or text us as (206) 202-2215 or complete the simple form on this page. It will be our honor to support you and your family as you move through this transition together.