At Envision Family Law, we put a lot of resources into hiring top notch, highly credentialed, tough litigators.
We are very competitive and committed to winning.

Our attorneys are
thought leaders in the

We call out opposing lawyers
who don’t tell the truth, and we
hold them accountable.

Envision Family lawyers have superior writing and oral advocacy skills. In one of our recent trials, during cross-examination, the Judge
called “Timeout,” adding, “At some point I am forced to level the playing field!” and then ordered opposing counsel to be more aggressive
in their objections and to better protect their client.

We make new, cutting-edge law, such as furthering co-habitation without marriage property rights. One recent case won by Envision Family Law (Redl v. Muridan) is now taught at the University of Washington School of Law.

In another unmarried cohabitation case, Turner v. Vaughn, the Judge awarded our 27 year old client over $3 million (because she raised the children while he built their business) plus an additional $125,000 in sanctions due to the “Herculean tasks” that Envision had undergone on behalf of our client due to her exe’s lies and concealment.  The court also awarded her $5,000 a month in child support.

Most importantly, our clients love us.

Envision Family Law

Smart Lawyers for Smart Clients