If you or your child(ren) are the victims of domestic violence at the hands of your spouse, family, or household member, you do not need to wait to file for divorce or custody to be protected. We can immediately obtain a temporary protection order which will prevent your abuser from having contact with you, your children, and/or the family home.  

It has taken far too long for the court system to get serious about the huge negative impacts of domestic violence on families. Envision Family Law Group recognizes the true severity of domestic violence and does not take it lightly. Our attorneys have researched and are familiar about the impact and importance to obtain help immediately once a person decides to leave their abuser. We utilize a domestic violence checklist as well as a comprehensive domestic violence interview with clients. 

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is generally a very private crime and there are not necessarily witnesses, medical records, police reports, nor photographs. A perpetrator generally does not harm a spouse, child or animal in the presence of others. The victim often suffers in silence without involving the police to avoid the destruction of the family and/or to maintain financial security. 

The Court understands that it can take 6 or 7 times before a spouse or parent finally takes the necessary court action to end the relationship and protect the children. 

Domestic violence is often not a one-way street. Victims often fight back and the Court understands that. The biggest issue for the court is ensuring the children are safe. The Court can issue restraining orders and treatment requirements to accomplish safety for the children. 

Children should never be exposed to domestic violence in the household. Domestic violence is often a generational problem, and children who are exposed to domestic violence often end up as batterers or victims in their own adult relationships. The Court is interested in breaking this cycle through counseling and treatment programs for both parties. 

Statistically, pregnant women are particularly susceptible to domestic violence, and domestic violence is a leading cause of birth defects in children. 

Men can be victims of domestic violence as well as women. Men are even more likely to suffer in silence due to their perceived stigma of being battered by a spouse. Additionally, some men can be victims of false allegations by spouses who have ulterior motives to lie. If proven, the Court would likely enter a finding of abusive use of conflict against the fabricating spouse in the parenting plan and grant sole decision making to the father. 

Do not sit in silence or fear asking for help. If this is occurring in your household, contact an attorney today to file for protection. 

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