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Child Support Calculator

How much will I have to pay for child support?

The state of Washington maintains an equation that dictates how much a parent may pay. This equation utilizes a complex worksheet that considers income streams – for both parents – liabilities and unique situations with each child, such as educational needs and child-care expenses.

Will my support payments change over time?

Yes. As your kids age, their needs will change, and as those needs change, so too will the payment amounts change. However, keep in mind not all child support payment changes will make the payment go down. Sometimes a new situation requires a more significant investment from the parents.

When do child support payments stop?

Child support payments end once the child has “aged out.” That generally means child support stops once the child turns 18. However, if your child support payment was part of a court order, it may continue. Additionally, in some cases, you may continue paying for some costs such as schooling or additional support for medical care.

What happens if I can’t afford to pay child support?

As with other modifications to support payments, if your situation has vastly changed, that should be part of a new calculation. If you, for instance, had to take a much lower-paying position, you likely might have to pay less in child support. If the custody situation changes, you may end up paying less as well.

Confident, comprehensive guidance for child support issues

Ultimately, the child support payment amounts may not be under your direct control, but you can maintain some influence with skilled representation.