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Envision Family Law
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Your family’s situation is unlike anyone else’s, and you deserve legal services that recognize the uniqueness of it. Whether you’re just beginning the process of separation, ready to finalize a divorce, or revisiting a child custody agreement, our family law attorney is here for you.

Our legal team in Bellingham, WA, brings decades of experience to every case. Whether the job is to enter into fair, balanced negotiations or represent you aggressively in court, we listen to your story and goals, and respect the privacy of you and your children.

Keep reading to learn how our family lawyers in Bellingham, WA, can guide you through the process of divorce, child custody, adoption, and other family changes.

Areas of Family Lawyer Expertise

At Envision Family Law, we serve a range of families. Our legal team is experienced in all areas of practice, and is honored to work with a variety of family structures, including parents, unmarried couples, LGBTQ+ families, grandparents, military families, and more.

Experienced Children’s Lawyers

When working with families with children, we always consider your kids’ well being first and foremost. We have vast experience when it comes to supporting children going through changes in their household, and are committed to making the process as smooth as possible for them.

We understand that all kids going through a major change will grow up and carry the experience of divorce or adoption with them. How we serve your family plays a role in that. Our mission is to always prioritize security and respect.

Adoption Lawyers

Adoption is a beautiful way to grow your family. You and your new family member deserve expert legal guidance to ensure everyone’s best interest in the long term. Your adoption lawyer will support you through adoptions for children of any age, and explain the details of open or closed adoptions and how it all relates to the biological family.

Our team is happy to help you navigate private adoptions, adoptions from the foster system, or adoptions within an existing family unit. We can also advise on out of state and international adoptions.

Child Custody Attorneys

Determining who will care for the children and when isn’t always easy. Even when you and your spouse or partner are civil, it’s best to work with an experienced child custody lawyer to be certain the arrangement is fair.

Part of the process will be demonstrating your desire and capability to provide for daily needs, be attentive to developmental needs, and balance your personal schedule with your child’s. We always respect children’s relationship with both parents, and highlight why you’re ideal for the custody agreement you desire.

Child Support Attorneys

Depending on the factors of your specific case, ironing out the details of child support can be complex. From determining payment amounts to enforcing the mutual agreement, your family attorney will work tirelessly for a fair and sustainable plan.

In addition to providing child support services, we’ll also help with post-secondary (college) support. This tends to be a heavy lift for families, and, like you, we know your child deserves both parents to contribute to their education.

Expert Divorce Attorneys

We strongly recommend talking to a divorce lawyer, even if you’re only considering a separation, haven’t discussed the idea with your spouse, or have a truly civil arrangement already. The legal ramifications aren’t always obvious, and a family law attorney will guide you through the questions to ask.

In some cases, you may worry that your partner will begin hoarding assets or withholding information if they suspect you’re thinking of divorce. We fully understand why you might want to delay discussing it with them. Talking to a family lawyer sooner rather than later ensures you’re taking the proper precautions before you get the ball rolling.

A significant dividing line among divorce cases is contested versus uncontested divorce. Uncontested divorce is most likely when the couple doesn’t share children or assets and the parties make similar incomes. In those circumstances, it’s relatively simple to part ways with a mutual agreement.

Contested divorce, on the other hand, is when the parties cannot agree on the terms of their divorce. The challenge might be the division of property, financial accounts, debts, and inheritance. Or, it could be about child custody and who pays what level of financial support.

Your Envision Family Law attorney comes with a great deal of knowledge and experience in negotiation. Often, we help couples reach an agreement with just a few rounds of discussion. Of course, if an arrangement isn’t reached in reasonable time, we’ll prepare to represent you in a court of law.

Contact Our Family Law Attorneys Today

When your family life changes and you want reliable guidance for the various legal aspects, contact Envision Family Law. Since 1998, we’ve had the honor of helping Bellingham, WA, families navigate adoption, divorce, child custody, child support, and more.

Over the years, our practice has grown from a handful of people to multiple locations in the Pacific Northwest. We love this region and the communities within it, and are committed to giving back with our expertise.

Because family law usually involves sensitive and emotional circumstances, we pride ourselves on operating with compassion and honesty. These transitions are challenging even in the simplest of cases, and you and your children can rely on your Envision Family Law attorney to be discreet and communicative.

To speak with our Bellingham law office today and set up an initial consultation, call (360) 226-7981 or fill in the simple contact form on our website.