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When your family is going through challenging transitions, the guidance of an experienced family law attorney can make all the difference. Let our legal team help you through the hard decisions and new arrangements of divorce and other family law matters.

From our Everett office, just 25 miles north of Seattle, we work with families all over western Washington. If you need a family law attorney in Everett, read on to learn how we can help.

Envision Family Law Areas of Expertise

Our lawyers focus on several aspects of family law, ensuring we can help no matter what you’re going through. We’ll get to know you and your situation in order to develop the best path forward, whether that means civil negotiation or aggressive courtroom representation.

Divorce Attorney Everett

No two divorces are exactly the same, and you deserve a divorce attorney in Everett who’s prepared to do what it takes to keep your family as safe, healthy, and happy as possible.

For example, some divorces go smoothly and are uncontested by either party. Other times, the divorce is contested and one or both spouses find it impossible to agree on important points of their separation.

Add in the issues of property, children, and assets, and you have a recipe for a long, drawn-out process that feels like it’s taking over your life.

However, when you have the right lawyer in your corner, much of the legwork is handled for you, and communications are facilitated by a professional. You and your family deserve this support.

Child Support Attorney Everett

Unfortunately, finances are often one of the trickiest things for couples who share children and are seeking a divorce. If you’re worried how you might continue to support your children after ending your marriage, trust our lawyers to put your kids’ well being first.

In addition to child support, we assist with spousal support, post-secondary support for college, and enforcing existing support orders. Always keeping your children’s safety front and center, we help work out who owes child support, how much they owe, and how the established plan will be enforced.

Child Custody Attorney Everett

As a parent, you care about your kids’ living situation more than anything else. Whether you’re ending a marriage, an unmarried parent, in an LGBTQ relationship, navigating divorce as a military family, or raising a child with special needs, you need someone who’s ready to help you do what’s best.

Throughout your child custody case, our team will demonstrate how you’re getting it right. From day-to-day care to planning for the future to allowing your child to maintain their important relationships, your parenting will be an essential part of negotiations.

Expert Family Law Divorce Attorneys

We always tell people considering divorce to speak with a divorce attorney in Everett before anything else, even if they haven’t yet discussed the matter with their spouse. This isn’t to be secretive or withhold information, but rather for our clients’ protection.

If your spouse learns you’re thinking of leaving before you have any sense of the legal process, they might try to complicate things by blocking you from assets, information, or even your own children.

On the other hand, if you work with an experienced family lawyer, you’ll not only get compassionate services–you’ll also have a legal professional who knows how to be the advocate you need.

Keep in mind that all attorney-client communication is privileged and confidential at our family law offices in Everett and beyond.

Experienced Child Custody Attorneys in Every Case

Navigating child custody is much more complicated than setting up a schedule. The laws frequently change in this area, making it difficult for most people to know what to expect in their custody case.

Your family law attorney in Everett makes a point of staying up-to-date on the laws around child custody, because nothing is more important than your kids’ wellbeing. We encourage our clients to ask questions and educate themselves for the sake of the family as well as the benefits it will have on their case.

One of the things involved in a child custody case is which parent currently handles most parenting duties. Understand that this includes food, shelter, and other necessities as well as emotional nurturing and social guidance.

Parents who show they can compromise and share duties are more likely to secure joint custody on agreeable terms. Parents who continually make demands and put their own desires ahead of their children’s sense of stability are more likely to wind up with custody plans they don’t like.

Attorneys with Comprehensive Insight into Family Law in Everett, WA

We recognize that you want to know your lawyer is not only experienced, but caring, a good listener, and aware of how much impact they can have on your case.

At our Everett office, Nick Lovelace-Andrews brings his thoughtfulness and passion for helping individuals in all areas of family law.

Contact a Everett Family Law Attorney Today for a Consultation

When Timothy Healy and Jason Benjamin founded Envision Family Law in 1998, they wanted to ensure anyone needing a family law attorney in Everett would have access to a skilled, experienced, and caring lawyer.

In the decades since, we’ve been honored to help countless families through some of the most difficult times of their lives. Part of our job is to meet you where you are, so we offer a range of communication options, including phone, email, and even texting.

If you’re ready to take the next best step for your family, get in touch with our Everett office today. Feel free to call or text (425) 645-0433 or use the easy form at the top of this page to get started. We look forward to working with you!