When you’re a divorced parent in Washington, the biggest single issue you will have with your ex, aside from custody, is child support. Whether you are the one receiving it or paying it, support is a massive and complex concern. However, the amount of support paid isn’t set in stone, and there are many reasons the court may modify the support agreement. Here are four reasons:

Employment changes

If you lost a job or your ex got a new high-paying job, this is one of the single most influential moments for pursuing an update to the support agreement. The original deal comes from a calculation based on the relative income of your households; if that income changes significantly, so should the payments.

Change in marital status

Changes in marital status affect your expenses and household income. If the parent receiving child custody has a significant difference in their economic situation due to a marriage, they may not need the same level of assistance as before.

Change in childcare or medical costs

If your child suddenly needs additional childcare or medical help, or if costs go down, the support order must change to match this. Medical and day-to-day care costs are the top expenses in a child support agreement.

If you have another child

While the original child support agreement helps your child with your ex, that changes how the court views the matter if you have another child. As a parent, you have a responsibility to both your children. Leaving a child support agreement unchanged may cause one child to receive less financial support than another.

Life changes and so should your divorce decrees.

Nothing is permanent when it comes to your divorce decrees. If a situation no longer makes sense, the law in Washington allows you to pursue a modification to get to the right situation.