We have been a client of Jason’s for many years. He is hands down the most honest and caring attorney I have ever met. He was always upfront about managing what we should expect through out our custody dispute. In addition to being honest and upfront he is outstanding in court. We have spent countless hours in court rooms hearing cases that fall before or after ours in a day and I can tell you that I have NEVER seen an attorney with the same presence as him, he has been more knowledgeable and has outperformed every attorney that has represented the other party in our case. He has always made himself available to answer our questions whether they are big or small. Our case has been settled for many years now but every once in a while we need his expertise or advice on something. I am amazed that he cares about his clients enough to maintain that relationship even after he has done what is expected of him as an attorney, he has ALWAYS gone above and beyond for us and anyone that we have referred to him. I will continue to refer my family and friends to envision family law because I know that they will be upfront and realistic with anyone that is sent their way. If you are looking for a hard working, honest and trustworthy attorney who will fight for your case like it is as important to him as it is to you, then this is the firm for you.

Randi S. | January 30, 2019

As someone who has been involved with family law for over 10 years and has represented myself and sought representation from other family law attorneys, Natalie reestablished the bar for me. She helped me understand each step of the process. She didn’t sell me a bag of goods. She was authentic and realistic from consultation through the final order. I couldn’t have asked for better representation. Her understanding of family law and court room etiquette helped put my mind at ease. I came away from this experience knowing a lot more about family law than I did going in.

If only Natalie represented me from the beginning of my engagement with the family court system….

Thanks Natalie! You are AMAZING!!!

The Millers | January 11, 2019

In early July 2018 I was put on a rollercoaster ride. My son had been packed up and moved across the country overnight. I was in panic and no idea where to turn. After searching for hours and reading reviews on several attorneys, I consulted with Mr Moffit and immediately felt the concern and care about my situation. Mr Moffit and his team have been very professional, prepared and open with all communication! I highly recommend Jonathan to take on any family law case. He was able to get my son back to the state and get my parenting plan finalized. I can’t thank him enough for fighting for the best outcome for my son and I . It was a great pleasure working with him.

Jaron | January 11, 2019

I highly recommend Jonathan Moffitt to any of my family, friends, co-workers and etc.. I had another attorney working on my case for over a year and I didn’t see any sense in paying that attorney more when no action what being made. I was recommended Mr. Moffitt and I am so happy I hired him! He communicates in a timely fashion, supportive, well prepared, understanding of court processes. He truly was the Hero to making things happen and now I have a parenting & child support order on paper.

Tasha | December 21, 2018

My 11 year old grandson was taken by CPS three weeks ago due to incidents years prior. They stonewalled us at every turn, would not respond to our frequent calls and emails, trips into their offices, etc. We retained Jonathan on a Thursday, and he began blowing up their phones and emails immediately. His staff sprang into action preparing documents and getting them processed. By the NEXT day, a petition was filed in court, signed by the judge, and my grandson was released home to me. CPS was neglecting my grandson. If you find yourself dealing with CPS, do not delay. Jonathan Moffitt saved our family. Thank you Envision Family Law.

Jody Paulson | December 9, 2018

CPS recently took my 11 year old grandson for incidents of years prior and put him in a group home. They did not respond to our phone calls, emails and office visits. After several weeks of stonewalling, We retained Jonathan on a Thursday. During the consultation, he began calling and emailing CPS. His excellent staff went into action immediately, processing and filing a court action, and by the NEXT day the judge signed an order and CPS released my grandson home to me. My grandson would have had to spend Christmas with strangers if not for the swift and thorough action of this attorney. Thank you Jonathan and Envision Family Law for saving our family.

Anonymous | December 8, 2018

I was a client in a unique child support case with original settlement terms developed out-of-state. Kimberly demonstrated genuine concern for me as a person and the well-being of my child. She quickly reviewed a voluminous amount of documentation and assembled arguments to represent me. She displayed extraordinary legal scholarship in dealing with the principles involved in the out-of-state settlement.

Most importantly, Kimberly leveraged impressive talent and incisiveness for the judge’s interpretation of the law to adapt her arguments in court. She was well-prepared and incredibly agile during court proceedings, leading to a dismissal of the motion to modify the original agreement.

In dealing with four different attorneys throughout the defense and management of custody and child support agreements, Kimberly has far and away been the most successful attorney I’ve worked with. I would absolutely retain her services again and would urge anyone else in a family-related case to do the same.

Anonymous | December 5, 2018

Jonathan is very professional, understanding and pays the utmost attention to fine details. He is punctual and facilitates honest and accountable communication. He is a pleasure to work with and I would not only retain his services again, but I highly recommend him to anyone needing his assistance.

Kasey | November 15, 2018

I hired Jason Benjamin to represent me in a case in regards to my children’s father, and a parenting plan. Things got super ugly before I hired him, and I was beyond upset and hurt. Once I met with Jason he restored my faith, and made me feel empowered when it comes to my children. Him and his team did an exceptional job going to bat for my family, and I am forever grateful. He is extremely knowledgeable, confident, and will fight for what is right. I had the best experience, and worth every penny!

Nicole Travis | November 7, 2018

Great move Envision Family Law! The best thing that this firm could have done, was to hire Attorney Scott Marlow. While I am certain that all of the attorneys are great at what they do, it takes a special human to alleviate the chaos and the ugly from a divorce procedure. I was married to a narcissist with money, who had an attorney without boundaries or ethics… but, I had Scott and they were not ready for him. Scott handled my “ugly” with compassion, kindness and most of all intelligence and backbone. Scott, thank you for your humor and your professionalism. You found a way to make me smile through the tears and you took care of all of the “what if’s” and “now what’s.” When I wanted to react from anger and frustration, you responded with knowledge and class and nothing else needed to be said. I am pretty sure that they are still asking themselves, “what just happened?” To that I say… Scott just happened!

Richelle Turner-Smalls | October 20, 2018

We hired Kelly to deal with a motion filed for a custody modification in a 3rd party custody case. Kelly has always been professional and helping us decide how to present our case.  She knows how to present the case with the important details needed to win.  We were successful in having the adequate cause motion denied.  We then had to deal with a Reconsideration and a Revision.  Each time she presented the exact information in a manner that allowed for us to succeed.  We are extremely grateful for all she has done.

Anonymous | September 13, 2018

Early this year, I left for work and upon my return my family was GONE. My significant other took our 5 yr old autistic son to her birth state of WA, over 3000 miles from our home in FL. A home we shared with my mother.

I secured an attorney in FL and we filed a Motion of Paternity and an Emergency Motion for Pickup Order for my son, which would have brought my son back home. A few days after his mother received the order, she filed a Domestic Violence Protection Order against my mother and I in WA, providing her with temporary custody of our son. These DVPOs not only represented serious long term issues for my mother and I as to any future contact with my son, but they also frustrated the FL court as it pertained to the EMPO I had filed earlier.

So, I began my search for counsel in WA for both my mother and I. Using the web and having knowledge of the Seattle area, I felt confident navigating for potential legal candidates.

The first time I spoke with Susan I was taken aback at how calm and self assured she made me feel. It was such a great conversation that I ended my search there. My mother also loved what she was hearing, and we hired Susan and provided a retainer.

My mother and I are realists, and we entered into this agreement knowing that having a good attorney did not guarantee a win for our DVPO cases.

Susan and her paralegal, Donna, worked with my mother and I over the next weeks preparing for our cases in WA. I gave permission for both Susan and my FL attorney to confer with each other as I still have cases in FL that would be affected by the WA cases. Hearing day came, my mother and I were obligated to appear so we flew to WA. Susan had explained to us for the final time what her strategy for the hearings would be. In the end, both my mother and I were vindicated with denials on both DVPOs, not just dismissals. Since he was taken and until the day of the hearing, I had not had any communications with my son. But starting that afternoon after the hearing Susan secured for me weekly face time with my son.

That same day my son’s mother served me with Motion of Paternity in WA. Her MP directly conflicted with mine which forced a UCCJEA, Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act, hearing.
For me, it meant two hearings conducted in their respective states over a conference call. Susan represented me on the WA side of this hearing. We won that one as well. FL was determined to have jurisdiction for future cases involving my son and custody.

Why should you retain Susan Kennedy and her team???

Ignore her years of employment in the field. Ignore her time as a “Guardian ad Litem”, an attorney for the young victims of divorce or separation when neither of parents/guardians are acting in the best interests on their young victims.

The former alone should be enough to seriously consider Susan Kennedy. But the following are the reasons why you should want Susan to help you during your difficult time:

1. Although she doesn’t waste words, she does make a strong effort to explain everything.
2. She helps you manage your expectations.
3. If you have questions or concerns, she is great about replying in a reasonable amount of time. This has been a major calming factor for me specifically.
4. Susan and Donna made it easy when it came to sharing information and signing documents. If you are cpu savy you will benefit from the systems they have in place.
5. Brass tax, My mother and I are not loaded with disposable income. My mother is retired after 46 years with a major bank. I’m an Army Veteran currently in a civil service job. We live modestly in FL. We knew that hiring a lawyer, any lawyer, was not an inexpensive endeavor; yet Susan worked with us. This was really important because it made us feel that for Susan, we were not just another pay check and that she genuinely was empathetic to our situation and would be doing what she could to provided us with favorable outcomes.

If I could clone her and her team, I would.

Luis | August 29, 2018

I have hired Jason on multiple occasions to represent me over the past 8 years. My most recent case was supposed to be a simple child support modification filed with the state turned messy. I retained Mr. Benjamin to represent my children and I and get to the bottom of the discrepancies coming from the other party that the state did not seem to care about. No one has ever worked harder to get to the truth than Mr. Benjamin and his team. I received almost daily updates with every new discovery made within my case, phone calls from Mr. Benjamin personally to give me updates and to answer all my questions, and Melissa’s accessibility and effectiveness is unmatched. Mr. Benjamin’s passion and compassion come through in all aspects of his practice from consultations, depositions, hearings, and following up. He is calm, diligent, and the best lawyer I’ve every worked with. Every item that I needed addressed was handled and taken care of from start to finish and in a favorable manor. I am so glad that I had Mr. Benjamin on my side for this most recent case as well as my previous cases. I would rehire and recommend Mr. Benjamin to anyone that needed a family law attorney.

Christina | August 28, 2018

Kevin was awesome helpful he helped me get the kids custody, I was terrorized by my ex and his girlfriend again and again and Kevin even helped me in court once and didn’t even charge me because I had financial problems at the time being a single mom was super hard. Thank you Kevin so much for getting me through divorce and helping me with parenting plan, you’re the best!!! I would recommend you any day to friends and family.

So I hired Mr. Rundle after getting served in mass. I was a mess and didn’t have clue on where to start. He assured me it wouldn’t be an issue with me living in mass. His team is amazing everything they did was swift, fast and very accurate. In the end I never had to fly out to WA. I would highly recommend him to anyone who was going thru a divorce.

Mike | June 19, 2018

I hired Susan in 2015 to guide me through a restraining order, divorce, and custody dispute. This was the most painful chapter of my entire life. Susan was amazing. Neither myself or my family was familiar with these types of conflicts. Susan was patient answering our numerous and frequent questions. She was honest and direct when answering questions and explaining potential outcomes. She guided us through the case and helped it come to a peaceful resolution. The education and the parenting plan that Susan helped put in place has helped keep healthy boundaries and respectful communication to this day. I can’t thank Susan enough for the outstanding work that she has done.

James | May 9 2018

I hired Jason Benjamin to help me dissolve a very long and unhappy marriage.  I was very nervous, but he put me at ease.  He was very kind and he did a good job in getting me a fair division of property and spousal support.  I believe he was very thorough and honest in my case.  He helped me in the mediation process and gave me good advice so that we could settle out of court, which is what my ex and I both wanted.  I would recommend Mr. Benjamin very highly.

Anonymous | April 30, 2018

Susan is a fantastic family law attorney! She has handled multiple family law issues for me dealing with child custody, child support, etc., dating back to 2013. I previously had a 50/50 custody arrangement with my ex-wife.  When she wanted to relocate the kids to another part of the state in the summer of 2014, Susan helped me through the process of opposing the move and ultimately getting primary custody of my kids.

Susan is straight forward, honest and a great communicator.  I’ve always felt like she was a great match for my situation and what I ultimately wanted for my kids.  She has always been transparent and realistic about possible court outcomes.  Most importantly, Susan is a good person that will always have your family and kids’ best interests in mind.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Kevin has gone above and beyond what a typical attorney would do, but then again Kevin is no typical attorney. From the first time I walked into his office he put me at ease.  I was just coming out of a domestic violence relationship where most weekends I didn’t know if I was going to live or die.  Kevin was always there making sure my kids and I were safe.  He worked non stop on my case.  He would and ask if I needed anything.  If you want a real attorney that will fight for you then Kevin Rundle is the one.  He assisted myself and my military spouse get moved to another military base.  When my husband was deployed to Iraq, my ex was harassing me day and night where I couldn’t get any sleep, Kevin took care of it.  Because of Kevin I feel like I could move on and do anything.  I can’t say enough good things about Kevin.  Even after 10 years, he still checks in on me.  A true fan.

Jason is a bulldog. I went to him after being laughed out of several lawyers offices and told I had no shot at equal custody of my daughter because my ex was making false accusations of domestic violence. Even the previous attorney I had hired had told me that I would never gain equal custody and I just needed to bend over and take whatever my ex-wife decided to give me (because I had poked the ‘mama bear’ by asking for equal time).

But Jason said he believed I had a good case for 50/50 custody and then he won it for me. He was calm, confident, smart, and persuasive in trial and was able to get my ex-wife to admit she was lying while she was on the stand. Throughout the case he was calm and kept me calm and realistic. I do have to say that the other reviewers who are saying he is hard to get hold of are correct, but even with that fault I would hire him again in a heart-beat and will with any future issues.

MR. Rundle in perfectly and honestly with my case and love is when he explained everything is clearly, he never mind to explain by slowly when has communication with someone used English second language. He gave me a hope in my case until I can have full custody. Now he still my lawyer the since 2013 until present. Thank you so much for u help.

Korapat | March 20, 2018

We first hired another lawyer for our case, but after going to court with her, it soon became apparent that she took our case in the wrong direction, we were afraid of losing custody of our little grandson for good. We were told over and over, Grandparents do no have any rights. Then, we hired Jason, he is truly one of the best lawyers out there. He is extremely intelligent, experienced, and a genuinely nice man, who cared about our case and our little grandson. The judges kept telling us we have an extremely high bar to prove “De facto parentage”. But, with Jason through his experience, his integrity, and knowledge, won our case, but most importantly, won for our little grandson. If you want the best, Jason is it!

My name is Oliver and I hired Jonathan Moffitt to assist in a child custody case that has been ongoing for several years.

I was lucky enough to find Mr Moffitt by way of recommendation to the firm he is associated with thanks to another family practice attorney that was unavailable to represent in court on 7 days notice. He and his firm came highly recommended.

My experience with Mr Moffitt has been nothing but positive. He has been very good at listening to the details and intricacies of the case he was hired for and was also very quick to offer sound and economical advice. Mr Moffitt has proven to be a very good listener and also very direct and clear in his communication. While not an attorney myself, he was able to clearly layout a plan and discuss contingency options regarding my case within the first hour long consultation. Mr Moffitt systematically asked questions that allowed him to quickly understand the entirety of the case he was hired for, and he provided valuable insight on how we should proceed with the case.

Mr Moffit was able to outline key points needed for a response declaration and he was able to convey key concerns that had not been addressed by former council regarding the case he was hired for. I was very impressed.

On a one week notice, he was able to represent us in court and accomplish more in one hearing that had been accomplished in the prior 2 years. After our court hearing, he was able to get provisions into an existing parenting plan that had previously been ignored or rejected, and he was also able to get a urine analysis and drug hair follicle test administered. Previous attempts had failed to get a drug test ordered. I could not be happier with the results.

Thanks again Jonathan, you are very good at what you do.

Jonathan was great and a pleasure to work with. His knowledge and commitment was outstanding and I always felt confident in his abilities. With his help I was able to obtain custody of my son. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you Jonathan for all your hard work and commitment!

The first time I met Jonathan he looked at me and said “this is going to get messy” and it did. Jonathan is smart and extremely aggressive. He always shows up prepared and ready. Its obvious that he is also well liked and respected by court officials. Since October Jonathan has been in court for my case almost weekly and sometimes twice a week lol. He’s really is the best.

We hired Kelly after working with another attorney for several months and getting nowhere. We were becoming genuinely concerned for the welfare of our child and he wasn’t. Once we hired Kelly, she did more in 12 hours than the previous attorney had done. She is no nonsense, clearly well respected by judges, other attorneys and child counselors in the area, and prioritizes what’s best for the children above all else. We cannot recommend her enough or say enough good things about her.

Mr. Benjamin and his staff handled my very complicated divorce and subsequent remodification. I was impressed with his quick grasp of the situation and his knowledge of dealing with a diagnosed Narcissist. Jason was kind, knowledgeable, and no nonsense in trail. The opposing party came in with stacks of papers lead in on a dolly and we showed up and won the case with brief clear arguments.

I have read some bad reviews about Jason and have chalked that up to someone who was a difficult client that didn’t get his or her way. My experience was and still is very respectful and competent on every level.

I am very thankful to him and his organized team. I did not have a lot of money and I was fighting a bully and they had my back and for the first time I beat a giant….. all thanks to them.

If I could rate this team 6 stars I would.

Natalie is one of the most professional people I have ever met. Natalie helped me defend against a baseless custody change case. From the first instance, it was clear to me that Natalie is a champion for what is right and fair. She was consistently quite detail-oriented with a great eye for things that truly matter. With her guidance, we focused our efforts on the most meaningful and impactful parts of the case without neglecting anything of value. She was also extremely inclusive willing to listen to every thought and concern as she helped guide the process towards our desired goals. Natalie is an extremely respectful and understanding person who genuinely cares. Her preparation and delivery at the hearing was simply perfect. Not only did she represent the facts fully, but she also perfectly conveyed the legal grounds that ultimately led to the “best case” results we had hoped for. Without a doubt, I would recommend Natalie to anyone in need of legal assistance.

I hired Natalie to help me protect my child from a very dangerous situation that involved my ex-wife. Due to the severity of the situation, there was no way I was going to consider trying to address the issue without an attorney. It was a multi-year ordeal with many twists and turns, and Natalie was in my corner every step of the way. She expertly helped me understand the many complex issues at hand, navigate my options, and stay focused on the most important objectives during numerous hearings and eventually a long, grueling trial. Natalie really understands the climate of the family law courtroom and nuances of the law, and as a result, she is keenly qualified to help dads navigate the Washington court system. I recommend Natalie without any reservation whatsoever.

Jonathan literally saved my son! I hired Jonathan based off the word of mouth and the reputation the law firm had. Jonathan walked in midway into a very messy case, and completely shined the light on the real darkness that stood in the courtroom. I was trying to be made a fool of and made out to be something I’m not. He stood so dang strong, and I stood confidently beside him! He brought a son back to the most appreciative loving father period! I love my son beyond words, and I can’t thank Jonathan enough for what he has done in bringing him back to the loving family that will always be his foundation. Thank you Jonathan.

Anonymous | January 2, 2018

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