Kelly LeBlanc is awesome. She has superior skill and experience inside and outside the courtroom; her verbal and written communication skills are unparalleled. Kelly responds immediately to email and phone calls. She was clear and straightforward when discussing her evaluation of our case, and honest and professional when identifying the reasonable outcomes that were likely for us. We tried everything to avoid trial but the opposing party refused all efforts to negotiate. Kelly understands the court, the judge, and exactly how to prepare for trial. She understood our case was an extremely challenging one, and her legal intelligence and focus enabled her to come up to speed very quickly. Kelly was patient; she understood that we were worn out and emotionally drained. Kelly sifted through and carefully sorted the multiple documents associated with our case. She hand her team provided the judge with a well-planned and reasoned presentation for trial; her trial binder included a tight, accurate, and complete set of documents that laid out the essential pieces for trial, Kelly’s superior trial preparation set us up for success; those of us testifying were overwrought. She met with us individually to go over our testimony. She reminded us exactly what the judge was evaluating and making decision on. This helped us weed out the questions during trial empowered each of us feel in control, it brought our intelligence to the witness stand, enabling us to keep emotions in check. Kelly brings integrity, a high level of legal intelligence, an ability to work under pressure, and diligence to her work, all the while supporting her client. I am not sure how she works under these crazy timetables, twists, and turns, but I’m certainly glad we had her on our side. Best of all, Kelly achieved our number one, most desirable trial outcome! I highly recommend Kelly LeBlanc.

Margie October 17, 2020

Mr benjamin helped me tremendously. My cases was different, my son was born and his mother married. I had to prove he was mine and get custody of him. Mr benjamin was fast,smart,and fierce in the courtroom. My sons mom didnt know what hit her. He proved that she lied was on drugs and was unfit to have my son. He got me non parental emergency custody until we got the paternity test and proved he was my son. You cant find someone better to represent you

Dustin October 4, 2020

Envision Family Law, Natalie Roberts, does what she says she is going to do. There was a loophole my Ex was taking advantage of & playing games with money. Natalie told me she could get this fixed. She did! She corralled his games, tightened the language & the judge ruled in our favor. She was very responsive to my high anxiety & very professional. I highly recommend her & Envision Family Law.

Kimberly October 1, 2020

I came to Mr Moffit needing help with my divorce and custody of my child. Was in a tough situation as a single father in Washington trying to keep my son safe from his mother with a history of domestic violence and alcoholism. When I came to him with my situation his only question was why I didn’t come sooner. After that I got everything I had asked for, my son is now safe and was a very painless easy process!

Nicholas September 28, 2020

Jonathan has gone above and beyond to fight what belonged to me. As being originally from Europe I has very little knowledge of a family law. Jonathan was the most patient, and hard working attorney I could have wished for. When I was exhausted fighting for my rights after a long marriage, he took over the situation and made sure that my rights were closely followed. I am forever grateful for his hard work as well as his wonderful assistant who always returned to my concerns in timely manner. My friends have also hired him and been extremely satisfied with services so far. If you want to have your money worth this is your man. Thank you so much! -Mari

Mari September 23, 2020

Getting divorced was not part of my 2020 to do list or something that I wanted when I contacted Envision Family Law. Due to the nature of immigration, I was in a race against time and Envision Family Law provided service above my expectations in all departments. The entire team was professional, yet personable, efficient, kept me updated on any changes and responded quickly to emails or phone calls. Envision Family Law did something I thought might be impossible, and that was to serve divorce papers to someone who lived over 1000 miles away and I wasn’t sure that the address was legitimate. I was notified when attempts to serve would start and three days later I was notified that my ex was served to include documentation of day, time, address, description of the person and type of accent. All of this happened at the height of the Corona-virus in the United States. When I say entire team, I’m including the first person that contacted me to set up a consultation and the billing department. Receiving an email about payment may not excite many people but I appreciate an itemized bill because I know exactly what I’m paying for. I definitely want to thank my attorney, Natalie Roberts and her paralegal, Donna. I recommend Envision Family Law 100%.

A F September 21, 2020

I came home one day, unexpectedly, to be served with a DVPO with 15 minutes to pack a bag and get out of my home over allegations I knew were false, not knowing if I’d ever get to see my kids again or what was going to happen. I had no help and no idea where to go or what to do.

Thank God I found Jonathan. For 20 months, he has stood by my side, fought every battle with me, and step by grueling step, won me back my life until I’m standing here today with sole custody of my child and sole decision making. He is beyond professional, beyond aggressive, and beyond prepared. When I was frantic and scattered, he was focused and tough. He knew what mattered and where to focus my energy. He was also human and approachable.

I never felt like Jonathan was forcing me into decisions I didn’t want to make, but I always felt like he explained to me what was going on, and why, and what my options were. He shot straight. When he knew something, he told me. When he wasn’t sure, he was honest. When he told me something, I knew I could count on him.

I would never have wanted to go through what I just went through, but if I had to, I’m so glad I found Jonathan Moffitt as my attorney.

Dan September 16, 2020

I had a high conflict divorce since I was also leaving the Jehovah’s Witness faith and my husband.  Without all the details, to this day I am thankful to Jason for helping me when I was at my wits end.  Jason was smart, competent and compassionate.  He knows how to deal with malignant narcissistic divorces and has no fear about speaking up.  I hope he reads these so he knows I am grateful for his help in saving my future.

Elle Scott August 25, 2020

I hired Jonathan to handle my divorce, and I could not have picked a better attorney. While I was a scared wreck, he was calm, cool and collected. He gathered the facts of the case and moved forward in spite of some road blocks opposing counsel put in his way. He was very supportive of me and always approached me with kindness. He used his assistant as often as he could, being mindful of the cost of my divorce, which I really appreciated. He was tough in mediation and I was very impressed with how he was able to be tough with them, but then turn around and be so kind to me and kept reassuring me it was all going to be okay. I hope I NEVER need his services again, but if I did, he’s the first call I would make. DO NOT hesitate to hire Jonathan!!

Shannon August 21, 2020

I’ve never been a fan of lawyers. In fact, I’ve tried to avoid using a lawyer since my divorce in 2016. When I did hire one in the past, it was a horrible experience. In the past couple years my ex had filed multiple petitions, one of which was to change the parenting plan that we’ve had for years, and take my kids from me. At this point I knew I needed to hire a lawyer again, but based on my previous poor experience I made sure to pay more attention to how the lawyer operates. My experience with Ms. April was great since my consultation. I appreciate how straight forward and “matter of fact” she is. She is highly knowledgeable of the law and straight to the point. She listened to my concerns and represented those concerns well. Ms. April excels in the courtroom as well. She clearly states facts and evidence without the “fluff” and is very well spoken. I was very impressed. After working with her, I know why she is respected among many in the community. I wouldn’t hesitate at all to use her again in the future. I strongly recommend her. Thanks for your help Ms. April, I appreciate everything!

Rich July 6, 2020

Going through a divorce, where attorneys are needed just to get to a resolution, isn’t an experience I would think anyone would be looking forward to. That said, if I had to do it all over again and knowing what I know now, I’d certainly choose and look forward to working with Natalie, and Donna, again. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome, not because I got everything I wanted, but because, after all was said and done, my mind was at peace with the results. This was only possible thanks to the confidence, guidance, and reassurance of the team we explored all of the options throughout the process.

Andrew June 26, 2020

Kelly came highly recommended and we are so thankful that we hired her. She is very thorough and tells you exactly how it is. She will fight to the end for what is best for your child, grandchild. Thank You Again Kelly and Team

Marsha June 23, 2020

Everyone at Envision Family Law were amazing and so helpful. Kimberly April was my lawyer in a third party custody case and she was so nice and helpful. There is no way I could have done it on my own. I definitely recommend them!

Alexis Bowen June 8, 2020

Scott was super knowledgeable and understanding of my simple but complicated divorce trial. Being very transparent of the court and my particular judge, he gave me the skills I needed in order to have an effective argument. Although the outcome wasn’t what I hoped for, I felt that I was well prepared. Thank, Scott!!

Chris June 4, 2020

Scott and Royann (his paralegal) got me through the most difficult time in my life. They were on top of everything and I would give them my highest recommendation. They are experienced, professional, kind, caring and compassionate

Rick May 27, 2020

Johnathan is a phenomenal attorney. I have used him as an attorney for my case that has lasted almost 2 years and he has done exactly what was needed to be done for us to be successful in court. I had a very difficult child custody case that involved my children being involved with illegal activity at the hand of my ex as well as other things. My ex was the ultimate con artist and was able make people think what ever he told them was true including legal and mental health professionals. Johnathan got all the facts and presented them to the court so that my side was heard and understood and my children were kept safe. Johnathan is also a very personable attorney that was able to make me feel at ease during the most stressful time in my life.

Amanda March 19, 2020

Kevin’s rate is 375/hour. Let me just tell you, it was SO worth the money. I paid the retainer and filed all of my own evidence to avoid chipping away at it over time. I E-filed through the Odyssey portal which is available in washington state (highly recommend that). I literally wrote all over the documents and described what I wanted the judge to read or notice in order to minimize the work for that judge. All of my work and money paid off. WE WON! We got our daughter back! The Envision firm worked well with us and responded to any and all emails I sent them. They did most of that without charging us. The other thing is they revised the affidavits we wanted to submit and used their own law degrees to do it and create a stronger picture of who we are as a family and why the opposing party was lying and skewing evidence into their favor. I was really happy with the outcome. I think Kevin said maybe two or three things during the entire hearing which was great because the only things he asked the defendant (us) were things that mattered and showed the truth. Sometimes, less is more. Words can’t describe how happy I am with their services. Kevin is very direct and not afraid to hurt feelings which is how I communicate as well. I think we worked well together in order to achieve the “mission”. SO SO HAPPY! THANK YOU ENVISION TEAM!

Mikayla Shave March 9, 2020

She helped me with my custody case, and was excellent. Gave me all the information I needed to make sure I knew my rights, and answered every question I had, no matter how silly it might have been. I definitely recommend her!!!

Andrea March 5, 2020

I spoke with Jason about my situation and he was super helpful. Honest and forthcoming with his experience and opinion of what may come of my situation. I recommend him for anyone who is looking for a family lawyer.

Eugene Van Camp March 3, 2020

Jason Benjamin recently provide representation on my difficult family law case. I truly believe the odds were stacked against me. I came to Jason with limited time window and delivered excellent service. Jason and his team put together a solid, through and winning defense. I highly recommend

David Latnie February 24, 2020

My son had been taken from me and the police can’t do anything for you. I immediately did my research hoping to hire the best attorney. My child is the most important person in my life and I wasn’t going to trust his fate to just anyone. I read and heard countless excellent reviews about Jonathan Moffitt. After hiring him he immediately got my son returned to me. Custody battles are an extremely stressful process and he was always available. He is very well spoken and prepared at all court dates. It is obvious that he is respected by judges and attorneys in the courtroom. I just finalized my case and the outcome was far better than I had ever expected. The entire team at Envision Family Law is an incredible asset to have on your side.

Melissa Maggard May 25, 2020

Michelle M. Cummings is an elite professional that goes above and beyond. I went through a strange and difficult custody case. She made the process clear and concise. Michelle was and still is very responsive to question and concerns. Personable, gracous; she should be your first pick. A true expert!

Kyle Gerard May 11, 2020

When I was accused of violence toward my child, with no previous history from my ex-wife over the course of 17 years, I knew I was going to need an attorney.

Although I though the case took longer than it should have, it was not due to Jonathan dragging his feet. My ex continued to file last minute papers that had no bearing on the trial. She also continued to keep our two boys from me for almost 5 months. After she brought two different cases against me, we finally won and I now have my boys back according to the parenting plan that was originally set in place.

I hope to never have to go through something like that again, but if I did Jonathan would be the first one I would contact. If you want someone who is going to fight for you, then you definitely want to hire Jonathan and his office. They were all easy to work with and very polite.

Thank you Jonathan for getting my boys back! We are having a blast, once again!!

Brad May 5, 2020

I am in the midst of a very contentious custody case. Due to a barrage of outlandish accusations and allegations on the opposing side, my case had become very convoluted and messy. A crucial hearing was coming up and I asked Natalie last minute to represent me. She willingly did so and implemented a strategy that provided clarity and order to my case while overcoming a hurdle that had seemed overwhelming before she came on board. Natalie is super informative, easy to talk to, and a fierce advocate. I will forever be grateful for the difference she made in my case with her stellar representation. Highly recommend!

Chandra April 10, 2020

Mr Moffit was a magician in the court room. My case ended with a two day trial and took a little over a year. In declarations between my ex an I was Accused of everything you could expect mental abuse, physical abuse, alcoholism, financially controlling etc even the GAL was against me and said that I had Lied to her about my criminal past (13 years ago when I was 18) But during that trial for a full day I watched Moffit destroy every single lie my ex had written and said about me and shined a light on her inadequacy as mother… in the end I took Everything I came for and I could not do it without the magician, we laughed and joked and talked about each other’s personal lives thru these hard times.. it was like having expensive Friend lol but Moffit is worth every penny. Another thing about Moffit is he is a straight shooter, you may not like what he says but it’s his honest opinion and I respect that

anonymous March 29, 2020

I consulted with a couple of attorneys and left Jonathan Moffitt as a last resort as per cost but after consulting with the 1st 2 attorneys things didn’t seem aggressive enough/too nonchalant and not appropriate to the case in which I was facing. I am a Service Member who was married to a foreigner and I refused to fix her legal status due to seeing her true self after marrying her. She accused me of domestic violence and thanks to “my attorney” who defended me by challenging all claims brought forward by her who had used all possibilities/weakness of what would be used to her advantage but now I’m divorced with no proof of anything. False accusations!

Thank you Jonathan and assistant: Dian

Danny February 17, 2020

Someone that has been in the field decades. There is no doubt in my mind that he is someone to keep an eye on. He is a force. His name will be known. He projects his voice in a clear, but stern manner getting his point across clearly. He seems to truly care about his clients while still knowing how to be honest and play devils advocate. He has made sure that I have truly come to my conclusions before proceeding on many occasions. Though he has questioned me, I have never felt attacked or belittled. I always feel like he is just wanting a better understanding and to make sure I am not just running on emotions. He keeps me grounded. He comes to court more prepared then I would ever expect. If not for Mr. Moffitt I have no idea where I would be after 2018 literally being the most chaotic year of my life thus far. I can not imagine any reason why anyone would give Mr. Moffitt anything short of a 5 star. 10.00, 10 out of 10. I am honored to know him.

Stephanie February 11, 2020

In January of 2018 I reached out to Scott in hopes that he would take on my case. I was 4 months into a complicated custody battle with representation from another attorney. Making the switch was something I wish I had done sooner. When we had to go to trial Scott and his team made me feel comfortable and relieved. His confidence in the courtroom and support was truly refreshing. I knew he had my back and he worked hard toward and achieved an outcome that I felt happy with. Since I initially filed for custody my daughter in 2013, I have had 3 attorneys prior to Scott all which did not offer the same pleasant experience. I continue to keep Scott in my corner and he has been more than helpful answering any questions and addressing any concerns that I have and always responds at his earliest convenience. If you are looking for an attorney I would highly recommend Scott.

anonymous February 1, 2020

I was truly blessed and fortunate to have Jonathan as my attorney in very complicated divorce case. Jonathan has took my case when I was loosing the hope that anyone can help me to defend me and my son were the opposing party is only concerned about money and sabotaged his relationship with his son in divorce process.

Jonathan is very confident, extremely knowledgeable and entirely well spoken. He will tell you exactly where you stand and what direction you should go and alway on top of the game, well prepare and never missed a deadline.

His knowledge of the law and how it can work for you is exceptional and his ability to think outside the lines and come with creative ways to solve a problem is beyond reproach.

With Jonathan’s expertise, we were able to bring my case to a successful conclusion. I have received respectful, professional and compassionate help from Jonathan during a very difficult time in my life.

I would highly recommend Jonathan as an attorney, he is one of the Best Attorney in WA State.

Elena January 30, 2020

Natalie helped me to stop my ex husband when he filed for full custody. She knows the rules, her facts, and rules in the court room. She will take the time to personally get to know your situation and if she doesn’t feel you stand a chance at winning, she will straight up tell you and won’t waste your time. She’s been there when I’ve really needed her. Don’t dilly dally, hire Natalie!

Jenn January 22, 2020

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