After having many failed consultations with other attorneys I reached out to Jennifer Coombs for a consultation. I first spoke with Jennifer for my initial consultation 3 months ago. I knew after presenting my concerns to her and hearing how knowledgeable she is in family law, I had to hire her. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney to help me fight for full custody of my children after my ex had repeatedly put them into unsafe situations. What Jennifer has accomplished in these last 3 months has been astonishing. Jennifer is highly intelligent and understands the law. She is calm while speaking in front of commissioners and is not afraid to speak up for her client’s needs. My case had many road blocks that were challenging to over come but Jennifer was able to fully execute in detail the points I was conveying and get me over these hurdles with ease. She has a keen eye for detail and has a way of getting points across professionally and honest. I’m pleased with the work Jennifer has done for me and would recommend her to my friends and family. Unfortunately, due to how expensive family law cases are, I had to have Jennifer withdraw from my case. She was able to set me up with a plan moving forward and is still checking in on me to see how things are going. She truly cares and invests her time into her clients.

Anthony M. May 05, 2021

Calli was very easy to work with regarding getting a retraining order and updating my parenting plan. She communicated very well with me and was readily available for questions that I had throughout this whole process!

Kaylee April 27, 2021

Ms. Hisey’s advice and counsel were amazing. I was going through a hard time. Her calming effect on my emotions as well as her knowledge of the law made me feel like I had a future again. Thank you!

Glenn April 24, 2021

I hired Mr. Moffitt after being caught off guard by an unexpected child relocation. I cannot tell you how happy I was to find Mr. Moffitt and benefit from his expertise. He was knowledgeable, thorough and provided exceptional representation through one of the most difficult times of my life. I highly recommend Mr. Moffitt!

anonymous April 9, 2021

Kimberly was an amazing Attorney! Made it really easy for me to finalize my divorce. She responds fast and was very informative about everything. Tanya as well was very friendly and approachable.

Anonymous Mar 17, 2021

Kelly LeBlanc is awesome. She has superior skill and experience inside and outside the courtroom; her verbal and written communication skills are unparalleled. Kelly responds immediately to email and phone calls. She was clear and straightforward when discussing her evaluation of our case, and honest and professional when identifying the reasonable outcomes that were likely for us. We tried everything to avoid trial but the opposing party refused all efforts to negotiate. Kelly understands the court, the judge, and exactly how to prepare for trial. She understood our case was an extremely challenging one, and her legal intelligence and focus enabled her to come up to speed very quickly. Kelly was patient; she understood that we were worn out and emotionally drained. Kelly sifted through and carefully sorted the multiple documents associated with our case. She hand her team provided the judge with a well-planned and reasoned presentation for trial; her trial binder included a tight, accurate, and complete set of documents that laid out the essential pieces for trial, Kelly’s superior trial preparation set us up for success; those of us testifying were overwrought. She met with us individually to go over our testimony. She reminded us exactly what the judge was evaluating and making decision on. This helped us weed out the questions during trial empowered each of us feel in control, it brought our intelligence to the witness stand, enabling us to keep emotions in check. Kelly brings integrity, a high level of legal intelligence, an ability to work under pressure, and diligence to her work, all the while supporting her client. I am not sure how she works under these crazy timetables, twists, and turns, but I’m certainly glad we had her on our side. Best of all, Kelly achieved our number one, most desirable trial outcome! I highly recommend Kelly LeBlanc.

Margie October 17, 2020

Jennifer was an excellent lawyer! I had been trying to get my ex to sign a parenting plan for months and he wouldn’t do it because he wanted more custody then I wanted him to have. He has mental health issues and my daughter and I both were uncomfortable with him not having supervised visits. With Jennifer’s help what I had been trying to do for 6 months on my own was finally wrapped up in 2 months. I got custody of my daughter and supervised visits for her with my ex. I highly recommend her!

Rachel B. 05/04/2021

I have worked with Envision Family Law on 2 separate occasions and I have been very happy with my results and the outcome. I have had 2 different lawyers (Kelly and Calli) on 2 separate occasions, (one for my divorce and the other for updating my parenting plan) and both communicated very well, were able to meet my needs and requests and guided me through the process during a very difficult and stressful time. The staff at Envision were very helpful and accommodating.

Anonymous Apr 27, 2021

Calli Hisey helped me get a great settlement when my 6 year relationship ended. She informed me of a law that protects live in couples who are not married and I was able to walk away with everything I needed to start over. She will go the extra mile for her clients.

Anonymous April 23, 2021

Laura is very personable. I hired her last minute and she was so wonderful. She made me feel at ease with the entire process. I trusted her 100% and she delivered nothing but great service to me. I recommend hiring Laura, she is very intelligent and gives nothing but great advice.

Anonymous March 31, 2021

Natalie took over our case from another lawyer in her firm who retired. It was a scary scenario for us, but Natalie jumped in like she’d been there the whole time. Our case file was over 1000 pages and very very complicated. She communicated clearly and LISTENED to our concerns to advocate for the best possible outcome. Even after our complicated custody case was finalized, it was followed by a relocation which Natalie navigated intelligently to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted move despite a very difficult ex attempting to use any excuse to delay the inevitable. Natalie really handled our case with care and we are very appreciative of her attentiveness and understanding. It was a very overwhelming case, but she jumped in head first and helped us swim to shore. I recommend Natalie to anyone who is navigating a tough divorce/custody/relocation situation.

Anonymous February 19, 2021

It seems like a common theme for an upset spouse to file a fictitious DVPO to gain leverage prior to filing for divorce and my situation was no different. Mr Rundle provided crucial guidance and realistic feedback every step of the way, making sure I understood the deck was stacked against me but we would work together for the best defense possible. So many people find themselves in this situation and for me this was unexpected and terrifying given the lasting effects these claims have. For anyone who finds themselves in this situation, there is hope for the truth to be exposed and you can’t find a better attorney than Kevin Rundle. I cannot speak highly enough of Kevin’s ability to navigate this difficult situation and get a favorable solution. I believe the worst thing you can do is attempt to fight this on your own as the court’s default answer seems to be taking the petitioner’s side. Kevin will fight for a fair outcome and in my case he was able to get the DVPO dismissed. I cannot recommend him enough.

Posted by Justin | January 29, 2021

We highly recommend Natalie Roberts. She took our case after another attorney from another firm failed to represent us to our satisfaction. We worked with Natalie for almost two years before our custody trial. She always communicated clearly and directly, and was very knowledgeable. At trial, she was aggressive, but respectful. Her opening and closing arguments were touching and profound. She was instrumental in bringing our family back together, and for that we are grateful – Robert & Sallye Lindsay

Sallye Lindsay | 1/26/21

Kevin represented me through a Domestic Violence Protection Order hearing that was completely made up in a attempt to get full custody of out kids in our divorce. Kevin told me what i needed to hear and not what i wanted to hear. He gave me realistic expectations and presented himself very well in court. He speaks with experience and makes strong arguments.

Posted by Mark | January 25, 2021

When this journey began, I knew I wanted the best representation possible. I did my research. I knew I wanted to be represented by someone ethical, tenacious, well-respected, and who would be a strong advocate for me! Bonus points for having good energy and a great sense of humor. It only made sense then that I chose to work with attorney Scott Marlowe. Fighting against a gaslighter (ex) in order for my husband to adopt my son was not going to be a fun or easy road, but Scott was ready to face the challenge. He assured me that he would give it his all, and he did! He never gave me unrealistic expectations. I appreciated his honesty, diligence, and professionalism. He’s also super funny! It was his sense of humor that sprinkled much-appreciated ease throughout one of the most emotionally exhausting experiences of my life. It was a life-altering decision to hire Scott— one that I am and will forever be grateful for. It is because of Scott that we were able to win our trial rightfully, terminate the abandoner’s rights, and have my husband adopt my son. Scott always made us feel like we were being taken care of and heard. Any concerns we had were addressed promptly. I never felt like I was in the dark. He and Royann Mercado Perez (his wonderful Paralegal) always kept us well informed. Scott’s presence in the courtroom is one that commands respect from both opposing attorneys and commissioners alike. I was proud to stand beside him and felt confident being represented by him! Thanks to Scott, his knowledge of court processes, his knowledge of the law, and for him being an amazing human being, the deadbeat’s rights were terminated and my son is adopted by the one who has truly been the father to him that he has always deserved. Thank you, Scott, for fighting for our peace and justice.

Adriann Ford | 1/6/21

I hired Ms. April back in 2016 to help me with my divorce. She handled everything professionally, with promptness, and patiently answered all my questions. Because I had such a great experience I decided to seek her help again when it was time to file for a child support modification. Just like the last time, she made everything go smoothly. I would definitely recommend Ms. April.

Posted by Corina | January 5, 2021

I have used Envision Family Law for modifications and was very impressed, particularly with Jonathan Moffitt. He is knowledgeable, honest, responsive and reassuringly calm during the process (which can be stressful). Mr Moffitt is very upfront about possible outcomes so I was always prepared for what would be coming next and what our plan would be. He was highly skilled in dealing with opposing counsel and was well-prepared for hearings. I cannot recommend the firm and Jonathan enough.

Regan Disotell | 11/2/20

I have been working with Jennifer Coombs at Envision Family Law for about 8 months. I can not ask for a better lawyer. Her experience and knowledge is priceless and she has guided me successfully throughout my case. During what was a horrible situation, I always felt comfortable and trusted her as my representation. I am very happy with the final results in my case. I highly recommend her.

Jessica Lahd | 1/3/21

Jonathan is amazing! I have a high conflict ex that brought me to court many times. It used to be so horrible until I found Jonathan. It is such a relief to have him by my side in court. He cuts through all the smoke and mirrors of my hostile ex. Now with Jonathan’s help it is easy for the courts to see the truth and pattern of behavior. I can not explain how much Jonathan has helped our family.

Samantha Cook | 12/23/20

Michelle was AMAZING! I was going through my divorce while deployed and she made every part of the process so easy. She responded almost immediately to each question I had (even with the time difference), was genuine and caring and all in all made this such a simple process. Thank you so much Michelle!

Heather Clements | 11/25/20

Michelle was amazing! Living out of state and in a different time zone, she was always very quick to respond and easy to communicate with. Michelle made my whole experience – that I was dreading – stress free! I highly would recommend Envision Family Law!

Elizabeth Galea | 11/18/20

Jonathan Moffitt is a talented family law attorney. He helped me with two cases (both modifications/child support issues that became quite complex) – one in 2016/2017 and one in 2019/2020. He is knowledgeable, honest, responsive and reassuringly calm during the process (which can be stressful). Mr Moffitt is very upfront about possible outcomes (even if it wasn’t likely to be in my favor) so I was always prepared for what would be coming next and what our plan would be. He was highly skilled in dealing with opposing counsel and was well-prepared for hearings. I wish I had known about him when I went through my initial divorce proceedings; perhaps I wouldn’t have needed to do the modifications because my case would have been handled differently/better from the beginning. I hope to not need a family law attorney again in the future, but if I do, I am immediately calling Jonathan again.

Jessica Lahd | 1/3/21

My ex and I live in different states, the ex was demanding the case to be moved to where he resides. Me. Rundle made sure the case stayed in WA. Visitation complications due to parents in different states. Was resolved to both parties satisfaction. Child Support was not provided for a year – Mr. Rundle made sure it was repaired and requested increase in the payment amount. Very responsive, attentive and understanding. Highly professional and very knowledgeable. Affordable. Thank you very much!

Posted by Irina | October 23, 2020

Mr benjamin helped me tremendously. My cases was different, my son was born and his mother married. I had to prove he was mine and get custody of him. Mr benjamin was fast,smart,and fierce in the courtroom. My sons mom didnt know what hit her. He proved that she lied was on drugs and was unfit to have my son. He got me non parental emergency custody until we got the paternity test and proved he was my son. You cant find someone better to represent you

Dustin October 4, 2020

Envision Family Law, Natalie Roberts, does what she says she is going to do. There was a loophole my Ex was taking advantage of & playing games with money. Natalie told me she could get this fixed. She did! She corralled his games, tightened the language & the judge ruled in our favor. She was very responsive to my high anxiety & very professional. I highly recommend her & Envision Family Law.

Kimberly October 1, 2020

I came to Mr Moffit needing help with my divorce and custody of my child. Was in a tough situation as a single father in Washington trying to keep my son safe from his mother with a history of domestic violence and alcoholism. When I came to him with my situation his only question was why I didn’t come sooner. After that I got everything I had asked for, my son is now safe and was a very painless easy process!

Nicholas September 28, 2020

Jonathan has gone above and beyond to fight what belonged to me. As being originally from Europe I has very little knowledge of a family law. Jonathan was the most patient, and hard working attorney I could have wished for. When I was exhausted fighting for my rights after a long marriage, he took over the situation and made sure that my rights were closely followed. I am forever grateful for his hard work as well as his wonderful assistant who always returned to my concerns in timely manner. My friends have also hired him and been extremely satisfied with services so far. If you want to have your money worth this is your man. Thank you so much! -Mari

Mari September 23, 2020

Going through a divorce, where attorneys are needed just to get to a resolution, isn’t an experience I would think anyone would be looking forward to. That said, if I had to do it all over again and knowing what I know now, I’d certainly choose and look forward to working with Natalie, and Donna, again. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome, not because I got everything I wanted, but because, after all was said and done, my mind was at peace with the results. This was only possible thanks to the confidence, guidance, and reassurance of the team we explored all of the options throughout the process.

Andrew June 26, 2020

Kelly came highly recommended and we are so thankful that we hired her. She is very thorough and tells you exactly how it is. She will fight to the end for what is best for your child, grandchild. Thank You Again Kelly and Team

Marsha June 23, 2020

Everyone at Envision Family Law were amazing and so helpful. Kimberly April was my lawyer in a third party custody case and she was so nice and helpful. There is no way I could have done it on my own. I definitely recommend them!

Alexis Bowen June 8, 2020

Scott was super knowledgeable and understanding of my simple but complicated divorce trial. Being very transparent of the court and my particular judge, he gave me the skills I needed in order to have an effective argument. Although the outcome wasn’t what I hoped for, I felt that I was well prepared. Thank, Scott!!

Chris June 4, 2020

Scott and Royann (his paralegal) got me through the most difficult time in my life. They were on top of everything and I would give them my highest recommendation. They are experienced, professional, kind, caring and compassionate

Rick May 27, 2020

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