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Kelly LeBlanc Top Washington Family Law Attorney: Kelly has been practicing law for over 32 years. She has been admitted to practice in five (5) jurisdictions and appeared on behalf of litigants at the state and federal level. She served as an Administrative Health Law Judge with the Department of Health and worked as a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) in Pierce County many years before joining Envision Family Law Group as Senior Counsel. When the Court was faced with particularly difficult cases, Kelly was often designated to investigate and provide recommendations on how best to protect the interests of the child(ren) involved (child custody cases).

As a GAL, Kelly served as the court’s designated expert in hundreds of cases relating to child custody. She was routinely subject to cross-examination in contested family law proceedings and experienced trial tactics by dozens of her colleagues both as a witness and advocate.

While serving as a Health Law Judge for the Department of Health, Kelly presided over licensing and disciplinary proceedings involving medical doctors, dentists, therapists, and other health care providers facing charges under the Uniform Disciplinary Act. In this role, Kelly was charged with the responsibility for making evidentiary rulings and ensuring fairness and integrity in conduct of proceedings.

Kelly has not only experienced what it feels like from the witness box, she has also experienced the challenges facing the fact finders in judicial proceedings. Thus, Kelly understands the importance of preparing cases in a way that will afford her the ability to defend her work and recommendations down to the smallest detail, and her experience as GAL provides her with a unique vantage point, or “head start” from which to prepare her own clients.

When Kelly is in the courtroom, she dominates with her smart, direct and thorough legal arguments while maintaining the utmost professionalism. Kelly tempers her natural perfectionism with efficiency, yet takes the time to ensure that her clients are well-informed throughout each aspect of the case. Her skill and work ethic is widely respected within the legal community. While serving as a neutral investigator, Kelly established herself as someone who could be trusted and along with that, developed good rapport with the Judges, Commissioners, and supporting staff. Kelly has a wide range of experience which helps her formulate arguments, theories, and themes that resonate with the Court. Additionally, she  has a deep understanding of the issues confronting families during divorce and child custody cases and can provide seasoned advice on how to address concerns with domestic violence, chemical dependency, or complex medical or mental health issues. She has in-depth knowledge of programs and resources available through DSHS, JBLM Family Advocacy, and a well-developed network of private resources who provide support and assistance for families and children facing difficult times (child custody).

Kelly and her husband came to Washington in 1995. They have had the joy (“most of the time,” says Kelly) of raising six children but are now “empty nesters” and grandparents! Three of her children still reside in Washington so that made the transition from “full house” to a “much roomier (and generally cleaner) one” a little easier. Kelly and her husband both enjoy cooking though she admits: “I like cooking even more when he does it.” During her leisure time, she loves hosting family and friends at social gatherings or taking off to go camping.  She also enjoys running, hiking, bicycling, hanging out with friends, and / or simply relaxing with a good book when she is not working.

Washington Family Law Attorney

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  • Ten Best Female Attorneys: 2016 Client Satisfaction Award – American Institute of Family Law Attorneys (2016)
  • Letter of Appreciation for Guardian ad Litem Services – Pierce County Superior Court (2015)
  • Commander’s Award for Civilian Service – Department of the U.S. Army (1994)
  • Achievement Award for Civilian Service – Department of the U.S. Army (1993)
  • Achievement Award for Civilian Service – Department of the U.S. Army (1992)
  • Moot Court Executive Board Justice Scholarship – The John Marshall Law School, Chicago (1984)
  • The Gavel Society – Moot Court Executive Board, The John Marshall Law School (1984)
  • First Place, Moot Court Competition, U.S. Midwest Region – National Association for Appellate Advocacy (1984)
  • First Place and Best Brief, Moot Court Competition
Kelly D. LeBlanc
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Speaking Engagements

  • TPCBA Family Law Section – HIPAA (2014)
  • Complex Parenting Issues in Divorce – Drafting Complex Parenting Plans (2013)
  • November 2012 Family Law GAL Training – GAL Investigations and Relevant Law (2012)
  • Love Stinks V Seminar – GAL’s Perspective of “do’s and don’ts” in Custody Matters (2012)
  • Title 26 Guardian ad Litem Training – GAL Investigations (2006)


I am overall satisfied

“Ms. Leblanc and Ms. Parsons were my legal team for my case. They are a dedicated and thorough team who worked hard to represent me in such high-conflict circumstances. They stepped in and got up to speed with the case quickly, as it was already in progress by the time they came on board. I had so much confidence in this team representing me and felt good about the decisions I could make based on the expertise of the counsel I received. I’m sure much of Ms. Parson’s work is unseen to me, however it is still clear that she fulfills her duties efficiently and effectively. She consistently provided timely documents/correspondences as necessary. Kelly’s firm and direct communication really helped me keep the mental clarity that was necessary to walk through each step of the case. While no one ever really “wins” in a divorce, I am overall satisfied with the rulings of my case and I don’t doubt for a second that it’s because of Kelly’s ability to strategize and make sure that I got what I needed for not just myself, but for my kids as well.”

– Anonymous, 07/14/2021