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Joshua (Josh) Bruner, an impassioned Family Law Attorney, is renowned for his results-oriented advocacy on behalf of his clients. Proficient in client relations, negotiation, and litigation, Josh has garnered recognition for consistently delivering favorable outcomes and resolving cases through effective communication and well-considered legal strategies. His exceptional negotiation skills extend beyond the courtroom, and his prowess as an advocate within it ensures that Josh is an unwavering champion for his clients, drawing upon his unique background, extensive experience, and honed skills to craft winning strategies that yield excellent results. Above all, Josh’s commitment remains steadfast in ensuring his clients are treated with the utmost dignity and respect they deserve.

Despite his enduring dream of practicing law, Josh embarked on his career as a construction laborer immediately after high school. For over a decade, he immersed himself in the construction industry, eventually establishing and running his own construction company. However, his passion for legal advocacy led him back to academia, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Idaho State University.

During his undergraduate years, Josh also committed to the Army ROTC program and, upon graduation, was commissioned as a Field Artillery officer in the U.S. Army. Following several years of dedicated service, which included a combat deployment to Afghanistan and multiple relocations across the country, Josh achieved an exceptional milestone by being selected as one of the 25 individuals out of approximately 6,500 qualified personnel for the prestigious Army Funded Legal Education Program.

Throughout his tenure at the University of Washington School of Law, Josh wholeheartedly pursued courtroom experience. He participated in every mock trial competition offered by the school and held membership in the esteemed Moot Court Honor Board. While earning his Juris Doctor degree, Josh gained invaluable experience working with a prosecutor’s office, as well as externing for a trial judge and a Washington Supreme Court Justice. His unwavering dedication to advocacy was aptly recognized with the prestigious MacGillivray Scholarship for Excellence in Advocacy.

Upon completing his legal education, Josh was stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, where he served as a Legal Assistance Attorney. In this capacity, he provided vital legal guidance and services to Soldiers and their families across a spectrum of legal matters. After a decade of dedicated service in the Army, Josh returned to Western Washington to focus exclusively on law.

As a divorced dad of five boys, the practice of family law is deeply personal to Josh. His own divorce was highly contentious and lasted over three years. Josh was unable to find an attorney to represent him through his divorce, so he represented himself. His case ultimately went to trial where Josh succeeded in convincing the Judge to order that his sons have equal residential time with Josh and his ex-wife. Josh understands firsthand how traumatic and painful the divorce process can be, which strengthens his passion for practicing family law. He has genuine empathy for his clients because he truly understands what they’re going through and wants them to have the best possible experience during such a difficult situation.

Outside the courtroom, Josh finds solace and enjoyment in spending quality time outdoors with his family. His five sons and their dogs frequently join him in outdoor pursuits such as hiking, backpacking, fishing, and engaging in functional fitness activities.



Joshua Bruner
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