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Washington Child Custody & Mediation Attorney

Seattle Family Law Attorney: Andrew has been admitted into practice for over 15 years and has spent the last decade primarily focusing on the complexities of family law exclusively. He is passionate about helping his child custody and divorce clients achieve their objectives. With extensive litigation experience, he has the advocacy skills and attention to detail to win in and out of the courtroom. With his wide-ranging skills as a mediator, he further assists clients in reaching a resolution out of court if that is an avenue they seek, advocating to protect what they hold most important.

No matter the process, however, Andrew works hard to ensure that his clients are heard and that he listens carefully for opportunities to help them reach their objectives. His clients appreciate his genuine attentiveness and concern for their bottom lines, as well as the quality of his legal work. His sharp writing and convincing oral arguments make him a formidable opponent.

Aside from his litigation experience, Andrew is a trained and intelligent mediator. Andrew received training in interest-based mediation from the University of Washington and co-led a professional group dedicated to developing alternative dispute resolution as another form of resolve for clients seeking to mediate aside from trial. He is mindful of the stress and cost of court proceedings and does everything he can to lower the temperature without sacrificing his clients’ interests. Andrew further understands that not every case has a one-size-fits-all solution and will adamantly fight for the common objective he shares with his clients.

“The measure of a good result must include its cost and durability–whether it restores rather than erodes stability in our clients’ lives and livelihoods,” Andrew says.


Andrew graduated from the University of Maryland School of Law with high honors. He was selected by faculty to be a teaching assistant for first-year legal writing classes and won a place on Maryland’s national moot court team. He was awarded the prize for best brief in Maryland’s annual appellate advocacy competition.

Prior to law school, he graduated from Dartmouth College with a degree in political science.


Andrew is a third-generation family law attorney whose passion for the law developed early. When his high school mock trial team went to state finals, the judge offered Andrew a clerkship position on the spot, conditional only on his successful completion of law school. Outside of work, Andrew enjoys music of all kinds and particularly playing the piano and singing.  He is a proud dad and can frequently be found cheering on his daughter’s soccer teams, the Mariners and the Reign FC.

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I am forever grateful

“As unfortunate as it is to go through a divorce I couldn’t have made it though without Envision Family Law and Andrew May in my corner. He was able to help me navigate easily the most difficult period of my life. My kids were displaced from me, and a slew of false allegations were coming my way. He not only helped me deflect these, but when it was clear that my ex was determined to take this to trial I was very impressed with how prepared he was to argue the case. He argued circles around the opposing counsel, and expose the gamesmanship we dealt with for 2 years for what it was. In the end he helped reunite my kids and I which allowed them to return to the life they were wanting to live all along. For that I am forever grateful. Thank you.”

– Aaron Lewis, 11/02/2021