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There are two things that are more important than anything to Assistant Managing attorney Jonathan Moffitt, his faith and his family. Because of these values and his belief that every parent has a right to be intimately involved in the lives and upbringing of their children, Jonathan chooses to practice family law as a primary component of his professional career. Family law with a focus on child custodymilitary divorce caseschild support.

As a husband and father of six, Jonathan understands the bond between a parent and child. This is a bond that should not be interfered with lightly and one that should be fought for vigorously. He understands how important it can be for a parent to have child custody.

Why Jonathan Moffit is the Best Family Law Attorney in Tacoma

In addition to faith & family, there are two characteristics that Jonathan values and prioritizes as an attorney working with families: communication and preparation. Often, when clients come to Jonathan after having fired a previous child custody or divorce attorney, they complain that their former attorney did not communicate with them and was often unprepared. Jonathan is confident that these terms will never be used to describe his client relationships or legal effectiveness. He thrives at stepping into a case at any stage and narrowing down the issues that matter most to a client, strategizing the best legal route for you and your family.

Hire A Family Law Attorney Who Will Prioritize Your Case

When you hire Jonathan, you genuinely hire him. Although he regularly utilizes support staff to minimize client costs, Jonathan will be your primary point of contact. If you have an emergency, question, or concern, you will be able to communicate directly with him. We live in a digital age of instant communication; you should be able to expect representation that is responsive and communicative.

Finally, Jonathan is prepared. When you go to court with him, you will have an advocate who knows the facts and issues of the case and is prepared to present your case. He will astonish you with his sharp, persuasive, and well-versed legal arguments in the courtroom. To find out more, check out the numerous positive reviews made by Jonathan’s clients on providing an overall 5-star rating.



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INCREDIBLE Parenting Plan!

“I ended up with an INCREDIBLE Parenting Plan! I am confident I would not have ended up with these results had I not hired Jonathan Moffitt. Jonathan knows what he is doing. He is confident and prepared in court. I have watched other attorneys stumble around (over what they are trying to communicate), or just come off unprofessional in some other way. This was never the case with Jonathan. While nobody wants to go to trial, I felt very prepared and almost enjoyed the experience as I watched Jonathan question and examine my child’s father and debunk the claims my child’s father tried to make. I sought Jonathan’s assistance for my parenting plan and child support case as I was unhappy with another attorney. With just over two months until my trial date, Jonathan picked up my case and took action immediately. I filed for support, but the order was thrown out and my prior attorney never suggested pursuing support before trial. Jonathan filed for and obtained a temporary support order for my child. My child’s father has not been a part of my two-year old child’s life, he moved over 450 miles away shortly after our child was born, and has issues with drugs and alcohol. Needless to say, when my child’s father filed for a parenting plan, I was terrified. My child’s father even made comments that he wanted no contact with our child, yet he continued to take legal action for a parenting plan. The final parenting plan I ended up with is due in part to “bad actions” taken by the father and lots of praying, but I am also very confident I would not have ended up with these results had I not hired Jonathan. My child’s father took a much lower paying job after our child was born, and although I did not receive support based on his prior wages, the final support order/payment was increased slightly for an imputed amount above what my child’s father’s recent pay stubs showed. Jonathan respected and understood that I felt the need to be more involved in my case than might be typical of a client because of the experience I had with a prior attorney. Jonathan was always willing to answer my questions about legal processes, expectations, outcomes, and alternatives…”

– Anonymous, May 11, 2022