At Envision Family Law, our qualified lawyers are dedicated to providing fair and expert legal representation to LGBTQ people who are going through divorce with their partners. American divorce laws were initially developed many years ago, and they were specifically designed with only opposite-sex couples in mind.

The legal experts at Envision Family Law have mastered the art of navigating the complexities of LGBTQ divorce law, providing fair representation in courtrooms that often treat LGBTQ couples differently than traditional heterosexual couples. Whether you want to find supportive legal representation for court or you want a lawyer who can resolve matters outside of court, Envision Family Law can help you obtain the fair treatment you deserve. Let’s discuss the different legal issues facing LGBTQ couples who get divorced.

Legal Issues LGBTQ People Encounter When They Divorce

There are many issues that LGBTQ people may encounter when going through a divorce. One of the most sensitive issues that arises with same-sex couples is determining the legal parentage of a child when only one individual is a biological parent. In other cases, there are couples in which one partner comes out as transgender, and the other partner sees this as a reason to file for divorce. When there are children, valuable assets, and other crucial variables involved in the matter, the situation can become very complicated from a legal standpoint — which is why you need strong representation when navigating a legal process that was initially designed for straight couples only.

Turn to Envision Family Law for Legal Representation

The experienced attorneys at Envision Family Law go above and beyond to ensure fair legal treatment for our LGBTQ clients, and we go out of our way to provide a welcoming and supporting environment to individuals of all genders and sexual orientations. We welcome clients to notify us about their preferred pronouns, and we can even help you keep the matter out of bias-prone courtrooms via mediation and collaborative law practices, if you prefer that.

No matter what your preferred approach is, you can feel confident knowing that the Envision Family Law team is working tirelessly to protect your best interest when going through a divorce. Contact us today to consult with a lawyer about handling divorce as an LGBTQ couple.