Family Law Attorney

Attorney Gloria Backus brings over 25 years of diverse legal experience to Envision Family Law. As a family law attorney, Ms. Backus understands that she is in a unique position to guide her clients through complex personal experiences and toward a brighter future. She focuses on creating a positive impact in her clients’ lives by ensuring that she is always working towards their goals. Gloria understands that family law is intrinsically personal and requires more than knowing the law; it also requires an attorney to know people. Ms. Backus prioritizes building a relationship with her clients so that she can understand their goals. Attorney Backus knows first-hand how rewarding it is to help individuals navigate what is arguably the most challenging time in their life. She understands that the stakes are exceptionally high when working with families and, ultimately resolution is the key. When clients place their matters in her hands, they know Gloria cares and is looking for the best way forward for them and their families.

Gloria attended Central Washington University and graduated in 1990 with her bachelor’s in law and justice, Magna Cum Laude. She then attended the University of Washington School of Law and graduated in 1994 with her Juris Doctor. Later, she received a Fellowship: Counsel on Legal Education Opportunity and attended a summer law school session at the University of New Mexico Law School with other nationwide recipients of the award. Gloria began her career in government service and public interest as a Federal Prosecutor for the United States Government. She represented those who needed help the most but could afford it the least. As a Federal Prosecutor, Gloria learned to cut through the noise to address the real concerns and hopes of her clients.



Professional, efficient and personable

“My experiences with Att. Gloria Backus were professional, efficient and personable through and through. She knows her craft and walk the extra mile for you. I am glad she replaced my original lawyer and she handled with utmost care and professionalism my case. I really appreciate working with people that care for you on a personal level instead of just handling you as a “case“. I highly recommend her.”

– By June, December 21, 2020