Family Law Attorney

Over the years, Andrea (Andi) Utigard, has developed a positive reputation with members of the Spokane County Bar through her working relationships as an attorney.  These connections have proven to be valuable to her clients.  She began her legal career in Adams County after graduating with honors from Gonzaga University School of Law.  Her experience also includes working for the Northwest Justice Project, where she represented clients who were leaving relationships riddled with domestic violence.  Andi has a particular passion for helping family law clients dealing with domestic violence and mental health issues.

In 2018, Andi’s sister passed away suddenly, and she found herself becoming a parent to her sister’s young daughter as a result. This fueled her compassion even further and she now has an even stronger desire to support children and families in their time of need.  This desire, and her ability to problem-solve, makes her an excellent advocate for those in difficult situations and in need of a family law attorney. Not only is Andi passionate about supporting her clients, but she is also considered to be an attorney of swift action. Andi’s experience and set of skills allows for her to act quickly during emergent situations to ensure her clients are always taken care of, because she believes in obtaining the best possible outcome for her clients in all difficult situations.


Andi’s passion for supporting others does not end with her practice of family law. In her free time, Andrea loves indulging in opportunities to connect with her community. She does so by volunteering with Spokane Public Radio, working on pledge drives and children’s concerts. When she is not volunteering, Andi likes to enjoy a good book and loves spending time with her niece.