Family Law Attorney – Hoang-Anh (Anh) Zapien

Hoang-Anh (Anh) Zapien is an accomplished attorney that has practiced exclusively in family law for over 13 years. Attorney Zapien has a genuine passion for family law and helps to guide and support her clients during the worst time of their lives. Anh prioritizes the children involved in these family law matters as she finds they tend to get lost in the mix and are typically the ones who suffer the most throughout this process. She prides herself on being an advocate for her clients and their children. As a knowledgeable and effective family law attorney, Ms. Zapien has assisted clients in various family law matters, including divorces, child custody, child support, spousal support, and property division matters. Anh has extensive experience in litigating all areas of family law but prides herself on her ability to mediate issues before clients are required to go through a trial.

Anh Zapien graduated from the University of California, Riverside, and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science with a minor in Business Administration. She earned her Juris Doctorate from Whittier Law School. While in law school, Ms. Zapien received CALI awards in Legal Analysis and Writing, Legal Analysis and Writing II, and Professional Skills and Torts. In addition, she was the winner of the Susan B. McGuigan oral advocacy competition and participated in many Moot Court competitions. Anh began her career as a family law attorney right after she graduated and quickly began to excel in the field. Her comprehensive education in politics, business, and the law has equipped her with the knowledge necessary to be an aggressive advocate for her clients and give them a voice.

When Anh is not in the courtroom advocating for her clients, she enjoys spending time with her husband and kids. Whether it be on the football field, basketball court, or baseball field, Anh is there supporting her children in all their extra-curricular activities. On the rare occasions that Anh doesn’t have a sports event for one of her children, she enjoys traveling, retail therapy, and overall developing good quality personal and professional relationships.



Excellent attorney

“I knew I had a long and contentious battle ahead. I consulted with 4 attorneys before meeting Anh. From the initial consultation, I knew I had the right attorney. As expected, divorce is not easy but having Anh working on my case reduced the stress ten-fold. Anh’s professionalism, tenaciousness, and experience showed during the entire case and into trial. She was extremely meticulous and thorough in every detail. I had the best possible outcome for my case. She had the highest level of integrity and honesty. I can’t speak highly enough about her.”

– S.M., 01/14/2023