Family Law Attorney

There are two things that are more important than anything to family law attorney Jonathan Moffitt, his faith and his family. Because of these values and his belief that every parent has a right to be intimately involved in the lives and upbringing of their children, Jonathan chooses to practice family law as a primary component of his professional career. Family law with a focus on child custodymilitary divorce caseschild support.

As a husband and father of four, Jonathan understands the bond between a parent and child. This is a bond that should not be interfered with lightly and one that should be fought for vigorously. He understands how important it can be for a parent to have child custody.

Why Jonathan Moffit is the Best Family Law Attorney in Lakewood

In addition to faith & family, there are two characteristics that Jonathan values and prioritizes as an attorney working with families: communication and preparation. Often, when clients come to Jonathan after having fired a previous child custody or divorce attorney, they complain that their former attorney did not communicate with them and was often unprepared. Jonathan is confident that these terms will never be used to describe his client relationships or legal effectiveness. He thrives at stepping into a case at any stage and narrowing down the issues that matter most to a client, strategizing the best legal route for you and your family.

Hire A Family Law Attorney Who Will Prioritize Your Case

When you hire Jonathan, you genuinely hire him. Although he regularly utilizes support staff to minimize client costs, Jonathan will be your primary point of contact. If you have an emergency, question, or concern, you will be able to communicate directly with him. We live in a digital age of instant communication; you should be able to expect representation that is responsive and communicative.

Finally, Jonathan is prepared. When you go to court with him, you will have an advocate who knows the facts and issues of the case and is prepared to present your case. He will astonish you with his sharp, persuasive, and well-versed legal arguments in the courtroom. To find out more, check out the numerous positive reviews made by Jonathan’s clients on providing an overall 5-star rating.


“Jonathan literally saved my son! I hired Jonathan based off the word of mouth and the reputation the law firm had. Jonathan walked in midway into a very messy case, and completely shined the light on the real darkness that stood in the courtroom. I was trying to be made a fool of and made out to be something I’m not. He stood so dang strong, and I stood confidently beside him! He brought a son back to the most appreciative loving father period! I love my son beyond words, and I can’t thank Jonathan enough for what he has done in bringing him back to the loving family that will always be his foundation. Thank you Jonathan.”

– Anonymous, 01/02/2018