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Susan Kennedy


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Susan Kennedy Bellevue Divorce Lawyer

Bellevue Family Law Attorney

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Bellevue Family Law Attorney: Susan Kennedy has worked as a family law attorney for over a decade handling all areas of divorce and child custody cases.  Additionally, she has spent many years as a Guardian ad Litem in Washington.  This role required hard work and dedication.  During that time, she was called as an expert in several trials.  She was subject to cross-examination and highly regarded by judges.   As a result, she can process complex situations quickly.

In addition to her experience, Susan takes a realistic approach with her clients.  She will provide you with information to make good decisions for your future.  Her top priorities are listening to her clients, providing sound advice and following through with the legal work to achieve those goals.  “My clients will always know my analysis of where they stand in their case.” says Susan.

Finally, Susan does not back down from a fight when she feels her client’s interests are not being addressed.  She cares deeply about providing excellent legal work to her clients.

Bellevue, Washington’s Top Divorce & Child Custody Lawyer


Susan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and graduated with honors from the University of Washington.  In 2008, she received her JD from the Seattle University School of Law.


Susan has lived on the East side since 2004 and takes full advantage of the Northwest.  In her free time, Susan loves outdoor adventure and spending time with family.  She also enjoys water skiing.  As a member of the legendary Stoops family, competitiveness and perfectionism are in Susan’s DNA.  Hence, her degree in law.

Susan Kennedy Family Law Attorney, Washington



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