There are many ways to choose which attorney will handle your family law issue. The first thing you can do is ask your friends. But if no one around you has any experience with divorce or adoption, there are other options.

Since you’re reading this blog, you’re already familiar with using the internet to get information. However, there’s a great deal to being a top-rated attorney that you must understand to make an informed decision.


Peer ratings are ratings crafted by 3rd party organizations that solicit feedback from working attorneys. These ratings are highly sought after and mean a great deal. Often competitors and collaborators across the local legal landscape leave glowing reviews. Many attorneys take a great deal of pride in a mark like this from something such as Martindale-Hubble or Super Lawyers.


Law practice is about providing results to clients who need help. Lawyers work hard to perform for clients, and usually, once the case is over, so is the relationship. However, if you see an attorney with significant numbers of glowing reviews, that means a lot. That attorney or firm has touched many lives and made a big difference.


While all attorneys have qualifications like passing the bar, many have additional qualifications. Extensive experience cannot be ignored, as a lawyer with decades of hands-on work in family law matters understands how to build a case in a reliable, effective way. There are many awards and other qualifications to consider as well.

Need more information? Just talk to an attorney.

A highly rated attorney has succeeded in the eyes of their peers and clients and earned recognition for their work. However, all those great pieces of information may not be enough for you to decide. This is why reaching out to a lawyer to find out why they’re so well thought of is the smartest thing you can do.