At Envision Family Law, we represent people in Washington in family law matters. Perhaps no group is more in need of thoughtful, sensitive representation than military members and their families facing divorce.

Divorce, and other family law issues, have significant complexities when they involve a military member and we routinely resolve such questions as:

What is different about a military divorce vs. other divorces?

Fundamentally, divorces between military members and their spouses conform to the state laws of Washington. The timelines and conversations are all the same. However, the reality of life in the military complicates certain issues. This will require a greater amount of time to come to, for example, a parenting plan.

Does the military pay for divorce?

The US military does not provide attorneys for their soldiers going through a divorce. However, military members may draw on some services to gain legal advice. Additionally, service members have some protections in civil court when it comes to non-appearance.

What is the most difficult aspect of a military divorce?

Determining a parenting plan may be among the most complex issues in military divorce. The parenting plan in Washington sets all of the parameters of custody. Active-duty service members may find themselves frequently overseas or incapable of meeting a “schedule” in the traditional sense.

These plans require special levels of coordination and unique strategies. They take more time and become complex quickly, but they are essential for the relationship between parent and child.

What will my alimony or child support agreement look like?

In general, your alimony or child support agreement may look similar to what you’d expect if your ex had any other profession. However, if your ex does not make their necessary payments, it is perhaps simpler to get the court orders enforced by their commanding officer.

What should my next steps be?

Choosing the right next steps in divorce can be difficult and the complexities of a military divorce definitely raise the stakes. However, with the right assistance, you can get the proper guidance through this difficult time. Our firm is here to provide guidance to you no matter what.