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At Envision Family Law, we recognize the Seattle-Tacoma area as having a high population of those who identify as gay, lesbian, or transgender and we are happy to be in the heart of it all and look forward to assisting you with your family law needs.

Whether you and your significant other are married, in a registered domestic partnership, or in a committed intimate relationship, we can provide the legal tools necessary to protect your family in any child custody, adoption, or dissolution action.

Envision Family Law Group understands that family is what you make it, and that nothing is more imperative to you than your family, regardless of the gender or sexual orientation of those involved. We dedicate and provide the most passionate care while ensuring equal justice for our LGBTQ community, since at the end of the day, family is family.

Kelly is an amazing lawyer. She really takes an interest in knowing the client and what is in theirs or the child’s best interest. She is caring and able to give advice but leaves the final decision up to the client. If I had to go through anything like this…