It’s not easy to have an amicable divorce because you must come to a series of agreements about your property, children and fortune with a person you don’t want to live with anymore. It’s emotional, distressing and – frankly – a lot of work to divorce. However, if you wish to have an amicable end to your marriage, you can get it by considering these tips:

Keep it professional

The dissolution of a marriage and the making of a business deal has a lot in common. Where businesses have the advantage is that it is just business. “Staying professional” is a healthy mindset for the end of your marriage because it allows you to maintain that necessary emotional distance. If you can keep that distance, it will be easier for everyone.

Come to terms with your priorities.

Likely one of the reasons your marriage ended is that you and your spouse had different priorities. This is likely to be the case in the divorce. If you have a list of your preferences in your divorce, you don’t have to share them with anyone but your lawyer, who can pursue them effectively in negotiation.

Keep your kids’ needs in view.

No matter your priorities, you and your ex will both want to have a hand in the lives of your children. As long as you both can move forward thinking only of your children’s best interests, then you’re more likely to reach an agreement you can both live with.

Consider mediation

One legal option you may consider is family law mediation. In Washington, we have many avenues for mediation that may help you craft an amicable workable deal for all parties in the divorce. Mediation is often a good choice if the idea is to come out with a good relationship.

Realize you aren’t here to win

The most important thing to remember if you want a low-conflict divorce is that you can’t win a divorce. You can only either end a marriage quickly with your relationship intact or not.