Soon kids will head back to school, but there is a lot to worry about between pandemic restrictions and general school readiness. Those worries are even more pronounced if you’re divorced as you have to add “negotiating school needs with the ex” to your list. Don’t worry; we’ve got some tips to help you out.

Keep it professional

As a co-parent, you should always strive to keep your personal feelings in check when discussing things with your ex. Without focus, any single topic can become a more extended, more difficult discussion rehashing old patterns. However, if you enter the discussion as a professional, you can retain control. If that appeals to you, try:

  • Setting clear guidelines
  • Establishing parameters for the conversation
  • Staying on-topic during the talk

This will work no matter what the conversation is, whether it is pickups and drop-offs, weekly transitions, homework help or even private school tuition.

Start the conversation today

Now is the time to choose to settle the issues ahead. Big or small, the sooner you’ve talked about things with your ex, the sooner you can put it behind you to help your kids get ready.

Schedule in some flexibility

No plan survives implementation, so understand that even if you discussed things and have a great, mutually agreed-on parenting plan, it might not work. Flexibility is better for you than anyone else, and that is the most emotionally healthy way to look at the next year.

Remember it’s about the kids

Most of all, when preparing for the school year with your ex, your whole focus should be the kids. They are the ones getting educated; they will be doing the work and navigating classroom dynamics and school policies. You’re just there to help them succeed. Whatever they need to make their year a success should be your top priority.