Here’s my brief story: California can be a very tough state to go through a divorce in because they don’t care who wronged who or the cause of the divorce. We are literally the “anything goes” state of broken marriage vows. CA will literally say “That’s a bummer they did that to you and your kids, now pay them $1,500 a month in alimony and child support until we say stop because they don’t want to work harder to support themselves.” If you thought the marriage was the worst thing you could go through, I’m sorry to tell you, but getting out of it might be worse. Once I found out the level of dishonesty and deception I was up against, I knew I needed to hire a legal team that not only knew law better than The Black Lagoon of Terror I was up against, but what was most important to me was that they had morals and principles that would help them see very clearly who I was facing, what was at stake and why I had to fight as hard as I did to protect it. I spoke to various firms before meeting Kamola and Nicole. I told Kamola my entire story and she told me very openly and honestly what I was up against and what the process was going to look like. She told me plainly when it came to court when the opposition was wasting our time and/or throwing every dirty trick in the book at us, “We’re not going to win every little battle, but we’re going to win the war.” I wish I could tell you that the divorce was over quick and we got everything we wanted…… but this is California…….. so no, of course not. The entire divorce process took just short of 2 years for me. I spent a little over a year of it with Kamola and Nicole in my corner, my biggest regret was that I didn’t hire them from day 1. They were both great at communication, were very fair with what they charged (VERY RARE) but most importantly they were very comforting to me along the way. I felt attacked and feared for my children and the well-being of their futures. People can do crazy things when they’re backed into a corner. Kamola and Nicole really helped with my confidence that we were going to come out on top, which I’m relieved and Blessed to say…..we did. I recommend Kamola and Nicole 100%, they were a Godsend to me and my family.

Mike Esparza 10/21/22

Gandhi is the kind of attorney you would want on your side when you are going through a turmoil. Apart from being knowledgeable and available she pushed me to stay strong for my rights when I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I would definitely recommend her to help navigate a difficult time.

Anonymous October 9, 2022

I thought I was almost done with my divorce case when I found out that my attorney took the liberty of accepting things on my behalf for the settlement agreement without consulting me. January 10th was the date when the divorce was to be finalized and I was given a rude awakening by my then attorney when he sent me a copy of the Judgement he wrote without my permission with all the edits from the opposing side. I was caught unaware and had no choice but to find a replacement for the existing attorney(who thought can take decisions on my behalf)when I was referred to Brinda by a friend. I wasn’t even in a clear state of mind to explain clearly what my problem with the settlement agreement was. So I got a consultation with Brinda and she she spoke to me for 10 minutes and found my problem within 20 minutes into the conversation. I was impressed with her skills. Then when I asked her if she can help me and tell me my rights – she told me very clearly that she cannot promise me anything which surprised me(versus other attorneys who promise you the world and just get their wallets filled). After that I immediately appointed Brinda as my attorney. She guided me through every step of the way. She very patiently told me my rights every time I asked her and the implications of each action or inaction that I take. I was so relieved seeing that Brinda cared for my child and me unlike the previous attorney who said at least you and your child are not being physically abused and changed the settlement agreement without asking me wherein I was supposed to pay for my child’s health insurance. I was a stay at home mom with no source of income. I met Brinda at a point where I had lost all hope in the judicial system when Brinda. I am so glad that she took me out of that mess. I wish I had met her first so she would have negotiated way more for me and got me full justice. I am grateful that at least in the given circumstances she got me what was fair. I STRONGLY recommend Brinda to anyone who is looking for justice, who wants to know their rights, who needs someone who can “understand” them and represent them in the right way.

Rashmi Girish 9/10/22

After my consultation with Brinda I knew I had the right attorney for my case. Brinda was patient and professional, she helped educate me on the process throughout and never did I feel rushed. Brinda stayed steps ahead and was always detailed. In court, she was prepared and aggressive and all of these things helped us win my case. Forever grateful and highly recommend her consultation and services to anyone that needs it!

Sunny August 26, 2022

Very professional smart caring for her clients. Great legal strategies that really helped my case with a very successful outcome.

Reginald Stokes 5/4/22

My case is in the court many years postponing to file more forms to comply with court procedures. I was not successful my case stuck in the court I think for 5 or more years. Finally I decided to hire this attorney. I didn’t know anything about her previous to this case I found her online. I had my fears of an unknown attorney but my son and me decided to hire her, and now we are happy we hired her as my Attorney. She got the job done plus she went over and beyond to help to get the best results. Settling my complex tangled situation. We are happy and thankful to her genius Advice final results. Thank you.

Kamala Aysola 4/11/22

I am very grateful to have had Brinda Gandhi to be my attorney for my divorce case, particularly during a trying time like Covid. I felt reassured, strengthened & greatly supported to have her represent my case, especially given all the challenging negotiations, twists & turns. And as the case progressed, I had a feeling of being in the best hands. Particularly as a woman to know, that our attorney always has our back, is very critical, for which I will be ever grateful to Brinda. All through the case, I really felt assured, that she was ever vigilant, looking out for my interests & making the best decisions & taking the best steps forward. She knows her subject very well & what I admired about her is that she had a very mature approach to my case. She knew exactly what was worth pursuing & what I didn’t need to lose sleep over. She is very level-headed & while she never promised me the moon, she went above & beyond to secure my best interests.

Vijaya April 4, 2022

I appreciate the swiftness in completing my divorce. Very professional and pleasant to work with!

Paula March 15, 2022

I was trying to complete the Divorce. She did it quickly with proper professionalism. I am glad that my case was done without much time from me.

Paul March 2, 2022

Brinda was absolutely great! She explained the entire process and was quick with answering any questions I had. She was extremely sensitive about the way she approached me with questions and handled everything without me having to worry much. I would recommend Brinda to anyone that may need.

Anonymous January 22, 2022

Ms. Brinda did an excellent job communicating with me while dealing with my case. Was very knowledgeable in what needed to be done and completed all the work expeditiously while I worked in Texas. Highly recommend her and her team for your legal needs! Thanks again Ms. Brinda!

Nicolas  January 20, 2022

Brinda was very helpful throughout my case, she is very professional and transparent with each and every step while dealing with your case. When you are going through a legal process you need a lawyer to trust on completely. I loved how she considered all small details with my case, provided me correct guidance and also helped me to move on confidently. I’m glad I found her through a friend and would definitely recommend her.

Kinjal  January 20, 2022

I hired Brinda Gandhi through this law firm. Brinda was very helpful throughout my case, she is very professional and transparent with each and every step while dealing with your case. When you are going through a legal process you need a lawyer to trust on completely. I loved how she considered all small details with my case, provided me correct guidance and also helped me to move on confidently. I’m glad I found her through a friend and would definitely recommend her.

Kinjal parmar  1/18/22

Brinda is a hard working and dedicated lawyer! Getting a divorce is hard and stressful, but she made the entire process easy and less stressful. The process was long but Brinda made sure that everything was done on time. She was always available and worked through all my requests. She is very detail oriented, all the paperwork was well organized and throughly explained everything. I will definitely recommend Brinda!

Anonymous January 11, 2022

I highly recommend Brinda Gandhi as a family law attorney who has helped me to get restraining order and sole legal and physical custody of my child. Brinda is very quick in responding and she makes it very easy to understand case. I am so grateful for your passion, dedication, and professionalism. She is very honest and knowledgeable and went extra mile to work on my case. Thank you so much from bottom of my heart, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the amazing legal work you did on my behalf.

Brinda  December 6, 2021

I’ve been going through my divorce for almost 2 years,, I am just about at the tail end of it with an MSC scheduled for early 2022. Recently I had to let go of my lawyer due to expenses but my ex had kept his lawyer and going up against a lawyer on your own is stressful, time consuming and at times can make you feel like just agreeing and throwing in the towel which is what I was about to do. A last effort before just waiving a white flag was reaching out to Belinda. She took the time to walk me through my questions and confirm with me that I do have a voice and rights. She helped me regain my confidence to go up against the giants and I feel confident in my preparation for the up coming MSC. My ex’s lawyer still comes at me trying to confuse me or detail my confidence but Brinda is a constant support and I am SO thankful I found her!!

Anonymous  December 3, 2021

Brinda Ghandi was my divorce attorney. I was the major financial contributor in my marriage and she facilitated an amenable settlement agreement where I didn’t have to go to court. She handled my divorce with professionalism, integrity, and honesty. I absolutely recommend Brinda for any family law issue you may have!

Lisa Martin  11/24/21

Brinda Gandhi provided me with expert representation and advised me during a very contentious matter. She was responsive and considerate, while guiding me on what was the best interest for me. I’m very happy with the outcome of my matter and would certainly recommend her to all my friends and family.

Raul Alvarez  11/24/21

I am very grateful to have found Brinda Gandhi as my attorney. She has helped me throughout my divorce matter. Brinda was very patient with me, always answered my questions and, gave me objective counsel I knew I could trust. Her hard work and diligence resulted in a favorable outcome in my case. I highly recommend attorney Brinda Gandhi for your family law matters.

Anisha Gill November 22, 2021

I am so blessed to have Brinda Gandhi as my attorney who is handling my much complicated divorce and child custody case due to many reasons as one of them is being an immigrant. Even though Brinda is not an immigration attorney she takes very good care to make sure she leave no lose ends. She does a stellar job in all paperwork and briefing that helps summarise years long marriage. She never misguide or make false promises. She is very honest and always told what can help me in the case & what not and that was very helpful in making a good decision. She is very thorough in her work, family laws and case preparation. She is also friendly and very responsive. I never had to chase or remind her in the things. She is always on the top of the things & ahead. I highly recommend Brinda!! She is THE BEST!!

Kavita Chhikara  November 19, 2021

During emotional and financial distress it became difficult for me to think clearly and make good decisions. I am so fortunate to have Brinda as my attorney for my case, who not only provided all the legal advice and processes in understandable language, but has also empowered me to lead a happy life. Her attention to details and dedication to get me justice is remarkable and would be highly obliged for all her efforts. Brinda is extremely trustworthy and knowledgeable. Her facts are so precise and clear that makes the opposite party nervous and feel unprepared. She is honest and would not make false promises which helped me greatly. Brinda empathized with my financial and emotional situation throughout the case. Her focus remained to get me fair outcome from the case. If you are looking for fair justice and a reliable attorney, Brinda is the one!! I am so grateful to Brinda for having my back throughout my case. Thank you!

Apoorva Jotangia  November 1, 2021

I would like to share my experience with Brinda Gandhi, She took up my case for child custody and Divorce , and am very happy the way she handled my case for my child custody. Not only she guides/inform/update me about my case progress but she also helped me provide me helpful information when I moved to LA for me to settle in easily. she is very Professional when it comes to case and same time also very friendly to her clients. Am waiting on my divorce yet and have full confidence on her that she will deal it great as she dealt with my child custody case. Thank you Brinda for all the help and support you have provided.

jyoti indala October 4, 2021

Great assistance and very knowledgeable.  Brinda was my attorney during my case and I’m thankful to have someone like Brinda. She put her heart and soul to my case. Her thoroughness and responsiveness are at a high level which exceeds expectations. She is a fighter when it comes to the challenging issues for her valued client. She is an is an amazing person and awesome attorney. Thank you Brinda!

Shasha K. September 28, 2021

I was referred to Attorney Brinda Gandhi by one of my family friend about four years ago. Ever since She is handling ongoing issues on my divorce for my child custody, child support & visitation rights. She does good follow ups and communication and really good in her paper filings. Even though she has to deal with a difficult party on the other side, She is very patient, professional, explains the law precisely and maneuver judiciously. I am very grateful of having her as my attorney. I highly recommend Attorney Brinda Gandhi for your family law matters.

Nishi Desai  September 20, 2021

In any profession, you find some who are good at what they do and some who are genuinely wonderful human beings. It’s rare to find individuals who are both. Rarer still to find them in the legal profession. This is what makes Brinda so unique. Even though she would struggle to admit it, Brinda continues to invest a part of her true self in the people she works with and derives a genuine sense of soul warming joy when she is able to help others. I’ve known her since before she practiced law, and she’s always been that way. It’s just so great to see her succeeding at something she’s clearly so good at!

Anonymous  October 15, 2020

It was a pleasure working with Brinda. She is very smart, remains calm and keeps you difficult situations, very detailed and focused. She does her homework properly and explains you very patiently the next steps. She made my very comfortable throughout my case which was messy and lengthy like any other case with complications. I would highly recommend

Isha Patel  September 2, 2019

Brinda has prepared several contracts for my company. She is very detailed oriented and covered all possible scenarios when preparing the contract. I highly recommend Brinda.

Harina  August 27, 2015

I had a pleasure working with Ms. Brinda. She is an excellent attorney. She has ability to remain calm and stable while handling difficult situation. I will definitely recommend her.. Thanks Brinda.

Vanessa  August 24, 2015