Most married couples in California and beyond can attest to encountering challenges in their relationships through the years. There is a kind of ebb and flow to married life. Some years are better than others. Not every marriage lasts a lifetime, however, and many couples who divorce often have several issues in common.

These issues can understandably cause a spouse concern. They may be the final “straws” that break the camel’s back, which, in this case, is the marital relationship. After dealing with these issues repeatedly, many spouses determine that they would rather move on in life alone than remain in their current circumstances. When a decision is made to file for divorce, it is time to start thinking ahead so that healing can take place and so that a fair settlement can be achieved.

Divorce may be on the horizon when these elements are present in marriage

Here are four issues that often start to break down a marriage and may even be the reasons a California spouse decides to file for a divorce:

  • Feelings of contempt
  • Spouse is always defensive or confrontational
  • Pervasive criticism
  • The silent treatment (stonewalling)

When these behaviors become habitual in a marriage, it is a sign that the relationship is in a downward spiral. Some people may be able to salvage what they have by attending counseling. For many others, the strain is too much, and they decide to go their separate ways.

Be careful not to let these issues creep into proceedings

To achieve a fair settlement in a divorce, a pair of spouses must be willing to work together to resolve issues like child custody or child support, as well as property division or alimony. If tempers flare and emotions run wild in court, it can cause significant delays. Asking a family law attorney to advocate on one’s behalf is the best way to avoid conflict during proceedings.