Kelly was excellent. My fiancé hired her to maintain custody of his child when he moved from Washington State where his daughter was born, back to Texas. He is military. She was very honest with us about the situation and understood our frustration which we often had since the child’s mother would keep filing different things with the courts. In the end the child is with us in Texas, safe and sound, and she was also able to get child support for her. It all worked out and I would recommend Kelly to ANYONE that needs help. Their office is very professional and VERY understanding.

Mr. Rundle was our attorney in a child custody case. We were initially advised that we would have only a 20-30 percent chance to win the case since the State of Washington leaned strongly towards keeping children with their mother or father rather than giving custody to a grandparent, even though the mother in this case, was neglecting the child. Mr. Rundle and his paralegal Kay Luoma worked diligently and professionally to obtain the necessary evidence and build the case. They were responsive to our many questions and considerate of our concerns. Earlier this month, we obtained a favorable ruling by the court and we are so happy. And so is our granddaughter! Thank you Kevin and Kay, a great team.

Anonymous | December 28, 2016

My Lawyer is a winner, knows how to get the job done, no how complex!!! There is Hope with Kevin and his entire team!!!!

Kevin helped walk me through the steps we took that got an order in place. This is the second time I’ve worked with Kevin and was happy with his services both times.

It was a pleasure to have Kelly help me with my military divorce. She was very knowledgeable about the process and what I could expect. She gave me thoughtful advice that was right for me in my particular situation. She was quick to respond and seemed to really care about how I was doing emotionally.

I couldn’t have made it through the hardest time of my life without my attorney Jonathan Moffitt! Looking back on the experience I realize that his confidence and assurance was a blessing to me and that’s what I really needed to get me through the hardest time in my life. Through every twist and turn Jonathan had everything covered and came through time and time again effortlessly. When it comes to divorces and attorneys, it’s going to cost money. You might as well spend that money on someone who wins! He was worth every penny and was a true blessing from God!

 Annette | June 6, 2019

When I needed a lawyer to represent me during my divorce, Kevin came highly recommended from a co- worker who said he had tried several different Attorney’s before finding Kevin and Kevin was by far the best. Kevin did such an outstanding job representing me, that when I became involved in a lawsuit regarding my ex-wife after the divorce, I called Kevin. He took the case and cleared my name, saving me a ton of time, money and stress. Such a HUGE relief! Not to mention Kristin his assistant, who was always available, kept me updated and in the loop and gave great sound advice. I consider Kevin MY attorney. Kevin is the first person I turn to for legal advice and have full confidence in his ability. I hope I never need another attorney as long as I live but if I do, Kevin is the man! Thank you Kevin and Kristen!

Ron | June 5, 2019

I highly recommend Ms. April and her paralegal Ms. Olenick. Both of them were always on top of their game and kept me updated on court proceedings. Ms. April did an excellent job understanding my concerns and addressing them appropriately during my divorce and custody hearings. I always felt prepared and confident with Ms. April as my representation. She went above and beyond my expectations. I will always recommend her to anyone needing a divorce/custody lawyer in the Tacoma area. Thank you!

Amber | May 31, 2019

Kimberly April is a fantastic attorney who worked extremely hard on my case from beginning to end. She was extremely attentive and answered all of my questions. I would highly recommend Kimberly if you need an amazing attorney who will work hard to get you what you deserve.

Going through a Divorce sucks and my process took about 11 months to settle costing a small fortune. It wasn’t until months 9 or 10 that I found Kevin through a referral he works diligently for his clients. He was expensive but he also settled my case in about a month, I saw more movement with him then I ever did with my firm prior. He is very quick on his email responses and he does not sugar coat stuff. I consider myself blessed to have found him just wish it was earlier I probably could have saved tens of thousands of dollar if I hired him first.

Anonymous | May 28, 2019

I hired Susan in 2015 to guide me through a restraining order, divorce, and custody dispute. This was the most painful chapter of my entire life. Susan was amazing. Neither myself or my family was familiar with these types of conflicts. Susan was patient answering our numerous and frequent questions. She was honest and direct when answering questions and explaining potential outcomes. She guided us through the case and helped it come to a peaceful resolution. The education and the parenting plan that Susan helped put in place has helped keep healthy boundaries and respectful communication to this day. I can’t thank Susan enough for the outstanding work that she has done.

Shannon | May 14, 2019

Heather Ramirez is an excellent attorney. She is compassionate and truly cares about her clients! She helped me tremendously and was always available. Going through the divorce process is hard enough and she was always so patient and helpful. You will not find a better person to represent you!

John | April 30, 2019

Kimberly April was my Attorney thruout my dealings with my ex-husband & a very rough divorce. There was a long history of DV. Kim was Absolutely Amazing from beginning to end!! I needed a Fighter & she came through for me every step of the way; I could never have done it without her!! She is well-known with a solid reputation; detail oriented, passionate, focused, thorough & tough. She was Exactly what I needed & I’m so Amazingly Grateful that I found her!!

Thank you 🙂

The team at Envision was very helpful and took the time to understand my specific situation. I felt that they listened to me and my concerns and helped me to navigate the system to meet my goals. I felt they also provided advice on how to do things the most efficiently so I was spending money unnecessarily. I needed assistance with an interstate custody agreement but they also discovered I needed a few more items that were previously overlooked in my divorce made part of court records. Attorney Robert’s and the Bellevue team were great!

He has been a rock in the most tumultuous time of our lives. Our case was not easy. It’s been an absolute nightmare. But he has been amazing. He keeps me in check when I need to be and he soothes my husband. Hes never missed a court date or meeting. In fact he stepped in for another lawyer of ours that was working on a different aspect of the case who didnt show up, in an entirely different sector of law, and nailed that too. And he did that at literally a moments notice. His office staff is lovely and his paralegal is on top of everything I need when he is not available. He is not cheap but not outrageous either. He works hard and makes sure that you know what’s going on and that you are comfortable before he moves forward. Lord knows I am his biggest pain in the a** client (ask him, he will tell you) but he still makes sure to keep me in check while also comforting my husband and I through it. The odds are high that we will be dealing with this for many years to come. We will continue to retain him and his firm if we do. Cannot recommend highly enough.

I truly believe this attorney has mastered his craft. He took my very complicated case and laid it out in a simplistic format. He was honest from the beginning. He went through my case and found what I prayed, to my Heavenly Father, he would find if he just took the time to read it, truly read all documents and he went to battle with me. When all odds were against me, he brought me through. He didn’t give up on me and that is what will always be with me. I made it, thank God I made it. I’m in tears at this moment, because I don’t know how to thank him. I thank him so much more than I can say in this review. This man honestly deserves a truly deserves a Metal of Honor of acknowledgment and recognition. He deserved every dollar, I did my best to show him he is worth a million. So my final words for someone who may be going through their storm, this attorney will see you through it all, he won’t leave you alone.

Mine was one of the long drawn out messy ones where the other party got dirty and the courts kept siding with the mom. Jonathan had a strategy from the beginning and employed it well. He fought hard without resorting to anything that would compromise morals and was honest all the way through. He gave no quarter to the questionable tactics of the opposing counsel, maintained an excellent balance of respect and tenacity when working with the Guardian Ad Litem, and was honest with me all the way through. The other party finally settled keeping us from having to go to trial and ultimately getting us exactly what we wanted – a 50/50 schedule that was in the best interest of the children. Divorce is awful. You really need an attorney, and Jonathan is one that will go the distance, fight hard, see through the schemes of the opposing counsel, and help you to leave with your morals intact. I absolutely recommend him.

Don’t look any more for Attorney, Jason and his Team are the Best, This is the Team you are looking for… he is compassionate, and very knowledgeable, I was in a Domestic Violence marriage i consulted other attorneys but none of the show me confidence, Jason listen to what I have to say…. he is Very Knowledgeable, Very Professional and Very Knowledgeable when it comes to Pre-Nupcial Agreements, he have the respect of the Judges and other Attorneys, thanks to him I am very happy now and enjoying a very happy Life, I recommend him he is a A++++, Top Attorney

Jonathan was extremely knowledgeable. He always had answers to my questions and was thorough. He was fierce on the stand against the opposing party’s council. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

Jonathan was excellent! He was always available and helped explain things as they were. He gave me a full understanding of my options and made recommendations that we’re in my best interests. When there were disagreements or things I was adamant about getting in my divorce he allowed me the time to get them. They often say the man gets screwed in a divorce and loses everything, Jonathan made it possible for me to get every last request in my divorce. On the end, she walked away with nothing except what I allowed her to have and I got everything. He was patient, calmed me down when I needed it, helped me think strategically and was very reasonable when it came to his fee. He was great! I couldn’t be happier

Kelly Leblanc is an amazingly knowledgeable attorney. Her dedication on my case, especially on short notice and time restricted really brought out the best in her. Never before have I ever felt at ease and comfortable with any attorney. Being a GAL for a number of years and also part of the Bar Association allowed me to have the confidence in her actions and decisions made on my case. It was actually comforting to know that she and I we’re on the same page striving for the same thing…. custody of my son. Her paralegal Lisa Parsons, was also great in action. She was able to answer

all my questions whenever I needed her to. Very thorough the both of them are in making sure I was satisfied with their answers. It’s really hard to find and attorney that you can really trust in, that they’re going to be straight up and honest with you with their answers and not drag you along in the court systems. She is a real go-getter, hard worker, and pleasant to work with…..yet she’s strictly business. Great balance! Her court records says it all…..a true clients lawyer! Thank you Kelly for taking my case!!

Tony | September 5, 2019

There are no words to describe how grateful I am for Jonathan. We had a situation with CPS where everything went completely sideways. My son came home with bruises from daycare and as a new mom, I immediately called his doctor and we were seen the following day. The physician had to call CPS which was understandable and we were sent to get a skeletal x-ray. The results of the x-ray came back stating that there was a mark on his left 7th and 7th rib but it was undeterminable and another follow up x-ray was needed. The following day, I was home with my son and 2 CPS workers and a sheriff showed up at our door and took my 6 month old son away from us. I was completely devastated and was shocked that I was being punished for doing the right thing. We had a Family Planning Meeting that Friday and they did not return my son to us because we had to be interviewed by Pierce County and a follow up x-ray needed to take place before any other decision were made. We had to sign a VPA agreement because we did not want our son to end up in the court system. After the family planning meeting, I immediately called attorney’s and scheduled an appt with Jonathan the following Monday and I am so glad that I did. He met with me and listened to my story and actually knew the CPS worker that I was dealing with because he has dealt with her before. I immediately hired him on the spot and it was the best decision that I made. He came with me on short notice to my interview the next day with the detective and he was in constant contact with CPS so that I could focus on spending as much time as possible. He always answered every email, text, or phone call as soon as he could. He let me vent and complain and was so understanding of what we were going through. He actually made it so that I could go to my son’s follow up x-ray appt and also, I was able to spend the night (supervised) with my son a week before he was released to us. After 3 weeks of my son being taken, he was finally released back to my care. Jonathan even took the time to come to the follow up family planning meeting when he could have joined by phone I honestly could not have forgotten through all of this without Jonathan. He is absolutely amazing!

Hiring Jonathan and his team was one of the best decisions I made in my time of need. He made the process painless and easy while providing great advise detailing

the pros and cons so I could make educated decisions. On top of being a good teacher, Jonathan is a master in the courtroom. I enjoyed watching him run circles around the other attorney’s who seem inferior compared to Jon’s competencies. If you need an attorney of your marital or child case, there is no one else I would recommend. Call Jonathan, you won’t regret it.

Kelly Leblanc is an AMAZING attorney. I wish would have found her sooner! She tells it like it is. She is tough, honest, sincere, and dedicated to her clients. She is a gem, & I already have recommended her to people, and will continue to do so. Don’t waste your money on attorneys who won’t put their all in. She got my case dismissed in more minutes. She is respected in the legal community and is showed in court. She was up against a very cutthroat attorney and Kelly ruled the courtroom with just her presence. She was cool, calm and collected and gave me chills just to see her in action! I HIGHLY recommend Kelly to anyone in a difficult legal battle. She is not cheap but you get what you pay for. If you’re looking for an outcome in your favor, trust Kelly Leblanc. If she believes in you, and your case, she will fight for you. I couldn’t be happier, and like I said, I wish I had found her much, much sooner.

Kimberly handled my legal separation and when the time came, my final decree of divorce. She was always prompt, compassionate, and a pleasure to work with.

Attorney Moffitt worked on my case that arose suddenly. It was very stressful but attorney Moffitt did a great job of helping me figure out what to do and adjusting his schedule to make sure I was represented. I felt much better with attorney Moffitt representing me at such a critical time. Hopefully I’ll never need him again, but if I did I wouldn’t hesitate to call.

Jonathan Helped us get our kids back when they were detained under false pretenses by CPS. He treated us kind and answered all our questions. He has been such a saving grace we couldn’t be more thankful for all of his help navigating this traumatic situation.

Kevin and Kristen are the most amazing support during your hardest life events. They went above and beyond to handle my extremely complicated case. They were always there for me so much that they felt like my best friends, we communicated so much. Kevin is the sweetest man but to see him in action in the court room, I was extremely pleased he was on my side. Domestic Violence cases are very complicated, but Kevin and Kristen are so experienced in that field that handled it with grace. They are my #1 choice and always will be since January 2016. I am blessed to have such a great team backing me up anytime I need them. Now, thanks to them I am a survivor from Domestic Violence, I have a wonderful life now and have never been happier! Thank you Kevin and Kristen for everything you have helped me with, and done for me for me and my son. There is life after Domestic Violence, just like you said. There are no words to describe how grateful I am for both of you!

I have used kelly Leblanc through all my custody issues for years. She is incredible and does what is best for the child. I would give 10 stars if possible. She goes out of her way for the protection of the child

We had a complicated family law case that involved native law, out of state parties, and substance abuse. There was over 100 pages declarations, facts, findings, and background. Kevin Rundle and his legal assistant Kristin Olenick cut through to the heart of issues to keep things streamlined and focused. The entire parenting plan from start to finish took about a year and Kevin ensured the train kept pushing along despite the other party’s inability to comply to court findings or to appear. In court, Kevin carries a simple briefcase of only our parenting plan we wished to present. He never needed to shuffle through papers minutes before court to get reacquainted with our case. He dedicates himself to understand his client’s case, the arguments, and what he needs to present and never needs a reference sheet to remind him. This was a long and tiring process. Kevin was our rock throughout it all and ensured our concerns were heard by the court. We finally concluded our case with a final parenting plan that best fits our situation and with the best interest of the child in mind. Kevin will present a FAIR case with the child/ren at the forefront. He doesn’t play mothers right or fathers rights games,

he plays only WHAT IS RIGHT and will keep you straight and focused on the end goal, which is presenting a clean parenting plan that best suits our family. We spent a lot of money on this case and it was worth every single penny. I can’t think of many of my friends that can say the same about their lawyers or court experiences… if you choose Kevin, you will not regret it. It is worth noting that Kevin has spent time as a part time commissioner in Pierce Country, so he really knows the law and how to present your case. Thanks for being our rock Kevin, Kristen, and their bookkeeper Claudia!

Sam McBreairty  |  Jun 7, 2019

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