I contacted Jason in 2015 regarding a very complex custody situation I was in, and I am so glad that I did! He helped me get the results I wanted and was always straight forward when it came to the complexity of the case and the possible outcomes. If you have an extremely complicated case I would highly recommend Jason. He is extremely knowledgeable and will get you the results you need.

When I hired Natalie to work on my divorce case, I had been unrepresented for over two months. I had been bullied by the opposing attorney because of my lack of knowledge and experience in the field of law. Natalie put an end to the flow of unwarranted demands and helped me negotiate a fair settlement. Direct communication between myself and Natalie prevented wasted time, I was presented with facts about the outcome of certain decisions, I was never pressured to make any specific decisions, and when I had questions, Natalie was very responsive and helpful. I am sure that Natalie would act as top-notch representation in any case, but if you are a man seeking a fair divorce in WA State, I highly recommend that you consult with Natalie Roberts.

After meeting with 4 other highly recommended family law attorneys, I met and consulted with Attorney Leblanc. She instantly grasped my situation, formulated a plan and told me we could move up the timeline, if needed. The very next week, I asked her if we could move up the timeline and she stayed in the office late several nights in a row getting my files ready for court. As a prior guardian ad litem, she knows nearly all of the judges and court clerks and has an excellent repoire with them. She has the perfect balance in the court room; she knows when to push and when to back down. She is an earnest advocate for her clients and not only advises about legal matters, but knows when to comfort as well. Although divorce (especially with kids) is scary, I have trusted her completely and couldn’t be more pleased with our outcome. I recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone looking for a family law attorney! She has given me hope for my future.

Absolutely amazing experience with him. I’m not even sure where to begin with Jonathan. I had one of the ugliest and longest divorces/custody battles I never thought would end, and then he came in and did just that in a very short period of time. Just when I had thought things were going to turn out the worst for me, he turned it all around. He was super professional and yet showed a genuine care in my case. It was hard for me to believe he had only been in practice for so long because he killed it against someone who’s been practicing law for years. I felt like we were in a losing battle and he took care of it, constantly reminding me that it would turn out okay. He was available to answer questions as I had them and constantly reminded me “conquer one thing at a time” I would most definitely recommend him to everyone in need of a great attorney, especially those feeling like the worst is coming. I can’t thank him enough! I had been told he had been given the nickname “The Golden Boy”, I’m sure from being newer to the practice. Whoever came up with it definitely got it right. For such an amazing job he did, I can only imagine him years from now. Hire him if you want a respectful, professional, and extremely effective attorney.

I need to begin by saying he is excellent because he only had to read about my case and contacted ME to help, not the other way around. My divorce/custody battle was one of the ugliest because my ex absolutely refused to be cooperative. Jason helped me keep my cool while the other party chose to fight dirty. He is extremely knowledgeable in the courtroom and how to keep his clients positive. To say he fought long and hard, would be an understatement. I always felt confident going into the courtroom with him because he is a natural. He dug deeply into my case, applied different strategies when it seemed another just wasn’t going to work. He is aggressive when necessary, which is exactly what you need going against someone who wants to fight about EVERYTHING. He helped me get through what I thought was going to be never ending, but also got me the best possible outcome. Not only does he answer the questions you have, but checks in regularly to see how things are going and if anything has changed. My case didn’t end up going to trial, thank god, but at the same time, just watching him in our never ending hearings I would have been absolutely confident in it turning out in my favor. If you need an aggressive, professional, available attorney then hire him. He was the best attorney I could have found, or in my case found me. Hire him!

I truly believe this attorney has mastered his craft. He took my very complicated case and laid it out in a simplistic format. He was honest from the beginning. He went through my case and found what I prayed, to my Heavenly Father, he would find if he just took the time to read it, truly read all documents and he went to battle with me. When all odds were against me, he brought me through. He didn’t give up on me and that is what will always be with me. I made it, thank God I made it. I’m in tears at this moment, because I don’t know how to thank him. I thank him so much more than I can say in this review. This man honestly deserves a truly deserves a Metal of Honor of acknowledgment and recognition. He deserved every dollar, I did my best to show him he is worth a million. So my final words for someone who may be going through their storm, this attorney will see you through it all, he won’t leave you alone.

Mine was one of the long drawn out messy ones where the other party got dirty and the courts kept siding with the mom. Jonathan had a strategy from the beginning and employed it well. He fought hard without resorting to anything that would compromise morals and was honest all the way through. He gave no quarter to the questionable tactics of the opposing counsel, maintained an excellent balance of respect and tenacity when working with the Guardian Ad Litem, and was honest with me all the way through. The other party finally settled keeping us from having to go to trial and ultimately getting us exactly what we wanted – a 50/50 schedule that was in the best interest of the children. Divorce is awful. You really need an attorney, and Jonathan is one that will go the distance, fight hard, see through the schemes of the opposing counsel, and help you to leave with your morals intact. I absolutely recommend him.

Don’t look any more for Attorney, Jason and his Team are the Best, This is the Team you are looking for… he is compassionate, and very knowledgeable, I was in a Domestic Violence marriage i consulted other attorneys but none of the show me confidence, Jason listen to what I have to say…. he is Very Knowledgeable, Very Professional and Very Knowledgeable when it comes to Pre-Nupcial Agreements, he have the respect of the Judges and other Attorneys, thanks to him I am very happy now and enjoying a very happy Life, I recommend him he is a A++++, Top Attorney

Jonathan was extremely knowledgeable. He always had answers to my questions and was thorough. He was fierce on the stand against the opposing party’s council. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

Jonathan was excellent! He was always available and helped explain things as they were. He gave me a full understanding of my options and made recommendations that we’re in my best interests. When there were disagreements or things I was adamant about getting in my divorce he allowed me the time to get them. They often say the man gets screwed in a divorce and loses everything, Jonathan made it possible for me to get every last request in my divorce. On the end, she walked away with nothing except what I allowed her to have and I got everything. He was patient, calmed me down when I needed it, helped me think strategically and was very reasonable when it came to his fee. He was great! I couldn’t be happier

Intelligent, quick on his feet, doesn’t back down but does so with respect and likability. Listens to client input immediately and incorporates into argument. Came up to speed on facts with very little input. They call him “the Golden Boy,” and for good reason. He obtained a finding of contempt against my then husband for disposing of marital assets without authority, but in a case in which my ex pathologically lied on just about everything, Jonathan was able to bring the argument back on point while showing the disconnect in their lies. I was more than pleased and impressed, not just because he was successful in getting a contempt, but because he argued the best that anyone could have and I wouldn’t ask any more than that. Hire him. You won’t be disappointed. In fact, I’ve already asked for him if an appeal comes.

As a man caught completely by surprise in an ugly separation that began with my losing custody and being served with immediate restraints, I was scared and fearful I could lose my Daughters, my family and my livelihood. I hire Kelly Lablanc in December of 216. Kelly was quick to calm my nerves by jumping in with both feet and getting me back with my daughter in a few short weeks. She has since steadily fought for me and my daughters to get our lives back together and on track. I do not know what I would have done without her. I would recommend her to any man facing custody issues and to any women facing these issues for that matter. She has been amazing with both her due diligence and her availability. I cannot thank her and her team enough for all they have done for me and my family. My daughters will greatly benefit from her hard work. THANK YOU KELLY!!

I am in the middle of a contentious case in family court. Frankly I was getting my butt-kicked. I had a lawyer who wouldn’t call me back, who got to court and was unfamiliar with the facts of the case, who didn’t fight for me during oral arguments. I started looking around for another lawyer and decided to retain Mr Moffitt after reading his reviews and after a consultation. Mr Moffitt is the real deal. He is everything my old lawyer was not: he returns my calls and emails, he quickly became thoroughly acquainted with the facts of my case, and he fights for me during oral arguments. I would give him six stars if I could.

Jonathan was called in at the last minute to fill in for my custody hearing as my attorney was in trial on another case. We spoke for less then 10 minutes on the phone prior and the morning of the hearing Jonathan had definitely done his research on my case the night before as he said he would. Jonathan kept to the point at hand and clearly knew his law when he was challenged by the commissioner to state his position on his understanding of the law when raising his point to support his argument. I am very thankful for the confidence and the reassurance that Jonathan demonstrated on such short notice. Jonathan took the time after the hearing to go over any questions and to make sure I knew what the next steps would be.

My spouse kept my child from me for months, and then filed a Domestic Violence (DV) case as a precursor to filing for divorce. DV cases are very tough to beat, the system is designed for the accused to lose, and once you have DV against you your spouse will get carte blanche in the divorce. Mr. Rundle was great! He and his team helped collect, organize, and present the evidence that this was a facetious case in the very specific way it must be presented in DV cases. DV require the accused to follow very specific guidelines to prevail, and will lose if you don’t follow the rules. (rules the court does not explain at all to the accused, while providing copious help and resources to the accuser)

I could not be more pleased with Mr. Rundle and his team of paralegals. they were professional, kind, helpful, and very much on top of my case from the beginning.

Kelly was excellent. My fiancé hired her to maintain custody of his child when he moved from Washington State where his daughter was born, back to Texas. He is military. She was very honest with us about the situation and understood our frustration which we often had since the child’s mother would keep filing different things with the courts. In the end the child is with us in Texas, safe and sound, and she was also able to get child support for her. It all worked out and I would recommend Kelly to ANYONE that needs help. Their office is very professional and VERY understanding.

Mr. Rundle was our attorney in a child custody case. We were initially advised that we would have only a 20-30 percent chance to win the case since the State of Washington leaned strongly towards keeping children with their mother or father rather than giving custody to a grandparent, even though the mother in this case, was neglecting the child. Mr. Rundle and his paralegal Kay Luoma worked diligently and professionally to obtain the necessary evidence and build the case. They were responsive to our many questions and considerate of our concerns. Earlier this month, we obtained a favorable ruling by the court and we are so happy. And so is our granddaughter! Thank you Kevin and Kay, a great team.

Anonymous | December 28, 2016

My Lawyer is a winner, knows how to get the job done, no how complex!!! There is Hope with Kevin and his entire team!!!!

Kevin helped walk me through the steps we took that got an order in place. This is the second time I’ve worked with Kevin and was happy with his services both times.

It was a pleasure to have Kelly help me with my military divorce. She was very knowledgeable about the process and what I could expect. She gave me thoughtful advice that was right for me in my particular situation. She was quick to respond and seemed to really care about how I was doing emotionally.

As I was going through an especially difficult divorce after 28 years of marriage, Kevin and his staff offered unmatched support and legal advice to help end the marriage with minimal expense.

Our case was a 3rd party custody where we needed to remove my niece and nephew from there living situation. Their mother needed help with addictions and needed to take time to focus on getting herself better. Kevin was very informative and straight forward. He didn’t sugar coat anything and made things very clear on what could and could not happen. Kevin and the team are very professional and they take great care of their clients. I would recommend Kevin to all my friend and in fact did with a friend that unfortunately is getting a divorce.

There are not enough words to describe how awesome Kevin was for me and my family. He was straight forward and honest with us form the very beginning. He also did his best to fight for our case and ours is a success story. My daughter was in a very bad living situation with her drug addicted mother and as a father I want what is best for my daughter. I knew it was a long shot to go for full custody. As a man its hard to do. Kevin told us he would do his best to at least get us visitation. He went above and beyond that. We first got temporary custody of my daughter and we figured it would stay like that just temporary. In the end we got full custody of my daughter. Now she is safe and in a loving home thanks to Kevin’s help. I can’t thank him enough!

Kelly is an amazing lawyer. She really takes an interest in knowing the client and what is in theirs or the child’s best interest. She is caring and able to give advice but leaves the final decision up to the client. If I had to go through anything like this again I would hire her again with no hesitation. She made a very difficult and stressful time much easier to deal with.

Peggy | April 13, 2016

I was an active duty military member going through an ugly divorce when someone referred me to Susan. My ex had previously filed for separation 3 hours before my deployment and was trying to take my kids away from me. She accused me of abuse and many other things. (In short, she’s just a nut).

The attorney I had before Susan was terrible and just took my money. I started searching for other attorneys, but everyone gave me the same story: “you’re a man in the military in Washington. You’re going to pay your ex a ton of cash and you’ll get to see your kids every other weekend.” Susan was honest with me about my chances but said there were some particulars about my case that made her think a 50/50 arrangement could be on the table. She encouraged me to get a GAL involved and we were able to persuade the courts to do so. The GAL concluded what Susan had and recommended a 50/50 arrangement.

Being difficult, as always, my ex refused to settle and agree to the GALs recommendations. Instead she insisted we go to trial. During the trial my ex’s attorney showboated a lot and dragged things out insanely long. Susan stuck to the points and the facts of the case. In the end a female judge sided with the GAL’s recommendations and implemented the parenting plan recommended by the GAL.

Susan was amazing the entire time, kept me calm, even did not charge me for a few times I called her and needed her to play therapists and she even noticed me tearing up during the trial decision and passed me a box of tissues.

As a side note, I did wind up paying my ex a ton of cash, but that’s really not important to me. I think Susan protected my finances about as well as she could. She managed to get the courts to impute an income to my ex when she was claiming she had none–so there’s something to be said for that.

I will warn you, if you’re a guy that just wants to screw your ex over, you should move on. If you’re a man who genuinely cares about his children, I can’t recommend Susan highly enough.

I wish there was a rating above 5 stars.

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