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Emergency Action

If you feel that you require emergency assistance, contact our office immediately to determine what your rights and options are. Our lawyers are often available 7 days per week to prepare / file for emergency relief, and have obtained orders within 2 hours from an initial meeting.

It’s important to note that not acting in a timely manner may have an adverse effect on your case. For example, if there is an emergency situation that places a minor child in danger and a parent fails to protect the child, this may be used against that parent and cause the Court to question that parent’s judgment. Additionally, the person who files first often times has a greater advantage or can significantly reduce the cost of the case simply by acting quickly.

Our family law lawyers are well versed, confident, and experienced in this field and understand the importance of acting quickly. We have a reputation for acting fast. We will not put your case to the side to collect information in these situations. Each case is a priority to us and will be handled in a timely fashion.

Emergency Custody

Whether you are married, divorced, have a parenting plan, or no parenting plan, each parent has the right to obtain emergency relief in the event your child is unsafe or there is a need to prevent a parent from leaving the state, etc. The Court generally errs on the side of caution when it comes to protecting child(ren). If you feel that your child is in danger or in an unsafe situation/environment, consult with a lawyer immediately to discuss what legal avenues are available to you.

Emergency Restraining Orders

We recognize that emergency restraining orders are often necessary to protect you. Our lawyers can generally have signed court orders in hand within two hours (sometimes even less!) from their initial meeting with you.

In some situations, a restraining order is more appropriate than a domestic violence protection order (See Domestic Violence).  There is a difference in these requests such as the case reflecting on a criminal history search, a negative effect on employment, etc.

Please remember to consult with an attorney before leaving your family, unless your life is in danger or you have been served with a court order to do so, as you could place yourself in a more difficult legal situation by leaving the family home.

Emergency Protection in Divorce / LGBT / Committed Intimate Relationship Proceedings

Because it can take time to complete a divorce/separation, we can often obtain emergency court orders that protect you, your children, and your assets from your spouse/partner immediately.

We can request orders which prevent your spouse/partner from contacting you or your children, award you sole use of the family home, your car and other property, require your spouse/partner to continue paying the bills, or prohibit your spouse/partner from spending your money and selling your assets. If you need restraints on bank accounts or financial accounts, we can request this, as well as delivery of those restraining orders to the financial institution(s) to prevent your spouse/partner from withdrawing those funds.

If you have children, we may also request temporary orders which give you custody of your children and require that your spouse/partner pay you child support and/or spousal maintenance.

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