Divorce can be a difficult process that’s challenging for both spouses and any children involved. However, not all divorces resort to emotional or legal boxing matches. When spouses can compromise and keep an open line of communication throughout the process, they are able to retain control over the decision-making process as opposed to leaving it all up to the trial judge.

What Is an Uncontested Divorce?

When divorcing spouses agree on all terms of their marriage dissolution, they can pursue what’s regarded as an uncontested divorce. Also referred to as “simplified divorces,” uncontested divorces are arrangements available to couples with or without children that are typically less expensive than their contested alternative. In these cases, the State of Washington offers a simplified process to achieve what’s called divorce by agreement. The following is a list of significant issues that must be resolved before filing an uncontested divorce action in the Evergreen State:

Legal Representation and Uncontested Divorce Process in Washington

You can navigate uncontested divorce alone, or you can do it with the assistance of a licensed professional. If you get representation, the lawyer you do decide on cannot represent both of you. While the divorce may be civil in nature, each spouse will have their own unique interests. Therefore, ethical principles come into play that require a lawyer to represent only one of the parties.

What Kind of Lawyer Should I Choose?

While state law applies to both spouses identically, not all divorce attorneys are created equally. While everyone wants to get the best legal representation as possible for their divorce, it’s no secret that attorney fees pile up. Lower-income individuals that seek proper legal representation for their divorce may find themselves quickly priced out. But Washington offers a more accessible alternative:

A limited license legal technician (LLLT), also referred to as a legal technician, is a legal professional licensed by the Washington Supreme Court. While not technically attorneys, they can provide many of the same services attorneys do in a limited capacity. They are advised to assist individuals going through a divorce, child custody, and other legal matters in the State of Washington. These technicians advise and participate in mediation, arbitration, and settlement conferences.

Choosing the Right Limited License Legal Technician

While all LLLTs must meet specific education and examination requirements, there’s another facet of their qualifications that you must consider when looking for an LLLT that’s right for you: experience. With Envision Law, you can rest assured that the LLLTs we have available are backed by the expertise of Washington’s top divorce and family law lawyers.

Seeking Representation for Your Uncontested Divorce? Contact Envision Law today!

While couples with few marital assets and liabilities may fit the bill for an uncontested divorce, the process is not exclusive for only the cut-and-dry arrangements. Couples with children, pets, and substantial marital property can still pursue an uncontested process. Regardless, hiring an experienced lawyer to help negotiate the terms of an uncontested divorce can make the entire process as painless as possible. For more information about our divorce attorneys, contact Envision Law today!