Family law Attorney

Tarik Polovina is an established family law attorney in Washington State. Mr. Polovina is a client-focused attorney who takes a practical and holistic approach to family law matters. He prides himself in fully educating clients of the complexities of the court system and what they should expect going into a court room with their specific cases. He is a passionate advocate for clients and deeply values transparency and honesty. When clients come to Tarik for a consultation they are greeted with his personable and caring personality.

Prior to joining Envision Family Law, Tarik honed his skills of litigation strategy, settlement negotiations, oral arguments, and background in detailed research to assist families with all family law matters at his own practice. Tarik chose to practice family law because he values the impact that family relationships have on children and to ensure that the bond in a family can stay immovable even during a stressful period. He enjoys all aspects of family law, from complex / high asset dissolutions to child support and custody cases. Tarik does not shy away from complicated cases and thrives stepping into a case at any stage to strategize with the client on the best legal route for them as a team.

As a first-generation college and law school student Tarik graduated with honors at the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Philosophy and Sociology and minoring in Human Rights. Following his undergraduate degree he attended Seattle University – School of Law where he received his Juris Doctor.

When not advocating for his clients, you can find Tarik spending his free time volunteering at the Domestic Violence Victim Advocacy Clinic. Additionally, Tarik enjoys spending time in the PNW nature with his friends and family.

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