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Anthony Scott Marlow developed his tenaciousness and “take control of the courtroom” demeanor as a natural leader while spending eight years in the United States Marine Corps. Scott has turned these skills into effective and passionate advocacy for his clients.

Despite his Marine Corps background, Scott is empathetic to the concerns and problems facing his clients when they come to meet with him as an attorney. Having three children of his own, he understands the real-world difficulties and struggles that people face daily in the family law arena.

Scott prides himself on quickly responding to his clients with honest advice about the reality of their situation and providing logical, workable legal solutions.

With his military background, Scott has a passion for helping and representing our military community. His understanding and familiarity with military law, and how it can impact the outcomes of family law cases such as child custody and child support. His personal understanding of life while on active duty, sets him apart.

Before joining Envision Family Law Group, Scott’s history as an attorney included working at one of the largest law firms in Seattle. Scott has extensive legal knowledge and experience, including an outstanding record of performance, interpretation and application of laws and precedent decisions. He has a hands-on approach and prides himself on aggressively advocating for the best possible outcome.

Scott is a graduate of Liberty University and Roger Williams University School of Law.

Washington’s Best Child Adoption Lawyer

In addition to holding his Doctorate in Law, Scott is an author and speaker in the area of family law. He has been called upon to help train lawyers and paralegals about the following topics:

  • “To Prevent Errors Dividing Military Benefits in Divorce.” 2016.
  • “Child Support and Custody Issues.” Handling Your First Divorce, 2015.
  • “Child Support and Child Custody Issues.” Divorce Cases from Start to Finish for Paralegals, 2013.
  • “To Prevent Errors Dividing Military Benefits in Divorce.” National Business Institute, 2016.
  • “What Family Court Judges Want You to Know; Spousal Support, Child Support, and Parenting Plan Determinations.” National Business Institute Seminar, 2015.
  • “Child Support and Child Custody Issues.” National Business Institute, 2015.
  • “Child Custody and Support Issues.” James Publishing, 2013.

When Scott is away from the office, he enjoys spending time with his family, which includes three active children. He also enjoys running, playing tennis and off-roading. He played collegiate tennis for Liberty University in Virginia where he was also a former Assistant Tennis Coach.

Washington Adoption

Children without parents to take care of them can be adopted through a legal process called child adoption in Washington. Adopting a child can end up totally changing a child’s present and future life. You can choose to build a family with the legal process of adoption. Adoptive parents and birth parents choose adoption for hundreds of reason. Usually parents who like to adopt a child want to experience the joys of parenthood. For biological parents it’s almost always the fact that they want their child to have the best life can provide.

A child to be raised in a loving home and having the best opportunities life can provide is something both adoptive and biological parents would want. This is where a Washington child adoption lawyer can help you achieve your goal. Scott Marlow is a specialist in child adoption cases in Washington and can help you throughout the entire process. Make adopting a child a wonderful and stress free process for you and your child by hiring a child adoption lawyer.



10.0Anthony Scott Marlow


“When this journey began, I knew I wanted the best representation possible. I did my research. I knew I wanted to be represented by someone ethical, tenacious, well-respected, and who would be a strong advocate for me! Bonus points for having good energy and a great sense of humor. It only made sense then that I chose to work with attorney Scott Marlowe. Fighting against a gaslighter (ex) in order for my husband to adopt my son was not going to be a fun or easy road, but Scott was ready to face the challenge. He assured me that he would give it his all, and he did! He never gave me unrealistic expectations. I appreciated his honesty, diligence, and professionalism. He’s also super funny! It was his sense of humor that sprinkled much-appreciated ease throughout one of the most emotionally exhausting experiences of my life. It was a life-altering decision to hire Scott— one that I am and will forever be grateful for. It is because of Scott that we were able to win our trial rightfully, terminate the abandoner’s rights, and have my husband adopt my son. Scott always made us feel like we were being taken care of and heard. Any concerns we had were addressed promptly. I never felt like I was in the dark. He and Royann Mercado Perez (his wonderful Paralegal) always kept us well informed. Scott’s presence in the courtroom is one that commands respect from both opposing attorneys and commissioners alike. I was proud to stand beside him and felt confident being represented by him! Thanks to Scott, his knowledge of court processes, his knowledge of the law, and for him being an amazing human being, the deadbeat’s rights were terminated and my son is adopted by the one who has truly been the father to him that he has always deserved. Thank you, Scott, for fighting for our peace and justice.”

– Adriann Ford, 01/06/2021

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