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Natalie Roberts family law attorney, has spent the entirety of her legal career mastering her skills in family law. She is well distinguished in the legal community and known for her persistent, intelligent and strategic litigation – both in the court room and in negotiations.

When hand-crafting her legal arguments for the court room, Natalie Roberts keeps her client’s quality of life and financial stability at the forefront. She understands that every decision/request throughout a case can have major life impacts on her clients, such as transporting your child(ren) to and from exchanges, ensuring you have enough spousal maintenance to pay your monthly bills, or protecting your assets to ensure the other party does not dispose of them. These details are all important. For these reasons, Natalie Roberts takes time to meet with her clients and go over every aspect of the case and her proposed strategies.  Natalie firmly believes that success in or out of the courtroom requires a strong, collaborative working relationship with her clients.

Experienced Family Law Attorney in Washington

Experience and a good reputation also helps when negotiating with the opposing counsel/party. She believes that not every case is meant for the courtroom and will often suggest mediation or initiating negotiations (especially in child custody, divorce cases). Mediation can be, and most often is, a place where two very disagreeable parties can reach an agreement. Reaching an agreement usually means both parties can move on with their lives more quickly and in a more positive atmosphere versus going to trial, which is extremely stressful for clients and their families or friends.

While reaching an agreement is generally the preferred outcome, that does not always happen. In those situations, Natalie Roberts is prepared. She is not shy in the courtroom and has represented clients in all facets of family law trials (Child Custody, Support, Divorce, Domestic Violence). Natalie has the attention to detail, work ethic, and knowledge to handle difficult, complex cases at trial.


Prior to working at Envision Family Law Group, Natalie Roberts worked for several years at a high-volume law firm in Seattle. Having worked for several years primarily in the Seattle area, Natalie established an excellent relationship with other attorneys in King County and is a familiar face to the judges and commissioners on the bench. Natalie’s practice is not limited to King County and she has significant experience in Snohomish County and Pierce County as well.

Natalie graduated Cum Laude from Seattle University School of Law in 2009. Prior to law school, Natalie attended the University of Tulsa and received a Bachelor of Arts degree, Cum Laude, in English Literature. While at the University of Tulsa, she was a member of the school’s Division One track and cross-country teams, and she still enjoys running in her spare time. Natalie also enjoys sailing, skiing, and other outdoor activities with her family.



Natalie K. Roberts
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“We highly recommend Natalie Roberts. She took our case after another attorney from another firm failed to represent us to our satisfaction. We worked with Natalie for almost two years before our custody trial. She always communicated clearly and directly, and was very knowledgeable. At trial, she was aggressive, but respectful. Her opening and closing arguments were touching and profound. She was instrumental in bringing our family back together, and for that we are grateful – Robert & Sallye Lindsay”

– Sallye Lindsay, 01/26/2021