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David Braswell Tacoma Child Custody Lawyer

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There is nothing more important than family. That is why David Braswell family law attorney, has dedicated his career to the practice of family law. He has successfully argued hundreds of family law cases before the court, and he is highly respected by his colleagues and the bench for his effective courtroom advocacy.

David Braswell Family Law Attorney & Child Custody Specialist, served as a Guardian ad Litem in over 100 cases.

David Braswell is uniquely qualified to represent clients in complex child custody cases. He spent over seven years representing the best interests of children as a Guardian ad Litem (GAL). David was frequently appointed by judges and court commissioners to interview children, parents, and professionals, and to conduct investigations into allegations of parental misconduct. He served as a Guardian ad Litem in over 100 cases.

Generally, GALs are only appointed in complex, high-conflict child custody cases. As a GAL, David was intricately involved in some of the most difficult custody cases, such as those involving allegations of sexual abuse, domestic violence, mental health disorders, and substance abuse. David has worked closely with CPS investigators and social workers, and he has developed strong professional relationships with many leading psychologists, counselors, and domestic violence and substance abuse evaluators and treatment providers. As an attorney, he is able to leverage the knowledge, experience, and connections he developed as a GAL to the benefit of his clients.

Washington’s Best Child Custody Attorney

While serving as a Guardian ad Litem, David was asked by the court to offer his expert opinions and recommendations on all issues related to parenting plans, including visitation schedules, treatment plans, and case-specific provisions (e.g. to address ADHD, autism, or special needs). David was frequently called to testify as an expert witness in family court trials, where he presented his investigative methodology and the reasoning for his recommendations to the court. While testifying in trials, he was subject to intense cross examination. From this experience, he gained unique first-hand knowledge of the best techniques for questioning (and discrediting, when necessary) witnesses at trial, and for persuading judges to rule his client’s favor.

David prides himself on his courtroom prowess, and he is in court every week arguing on behalf of his clients. Many attorneys are afraid to go to court, and are unfamiliar with the complex rules and procedures governing family law litigation and contested court hearings. That cannot be said of David.  He loves standing up to bullies, and obtaining justice for his clients. He frequently represents clients in contempt proceedings, and in domestic violence protection order matters, where he can help his clients get the justice they deserve.

Family law attorney David Braswell is confident and comfortable in court, and he has an impressive record of courtroom success with family law. However, David recognizes that oftentimes the best results are achieved through agreement and reasonable compromise.

David Braswell Family Law Attorney Prior Success

Prior to joining Envision Family Law Group, David co-owned a successful family law firm in Tacoma.

David excelled in law school, and graduated with high honors (magna cum laude) from Seattle University School of Law in 2009. While in law school, he received awards for earning the highest grade in his class in contracts (a very rare “A+,” the #1 grade in a class of over 100 students) and in legal writing. He earned academic achievement scholarships, and he was selected for a full-time externship with the Honorable Robert J. Bryan, Senior Judge at the U.S. District Court for Western Washington at Tacoma.

Prior to law school, David worked as an ESL teacher for three years in Tokyo, Japan. Before that, he worked in autobody repair shops, and as a cook in restaurants.

When he is not working, David is almost always with his family. He and his wife have a son and a daughter, and they enjoy camping, crabbing, fishing, and clamming. David’s other hobbies include hunting, and working on his collection of classic cars and trucks (which includes a 1967 Galaxie 500, a 1966 F-100, and a 1951 F-2).

David Braswell Family Law Attorney

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