Family Law Attorney

Family law has always stood out to Cloie Chapman as an important area of the law because it requires compassion and a greater understanding of systemic issues such as race, gender, and relationships. Cloie has always been passionate about addressing social issues and family law is a great opportunity for her to connect with clients and advocate for them. This passion first developed when Cloie worked for Planned Parenthood in high school as a sexual health educator and learned about healthy relationship building. She earned her BA from Western Washington University, creating her own interdisciplinary major in environmental policy and ethnic studies. Cloie continued to work for non-profit organizations throughout college and law school, including Disability Rights Washington and ACLU of Washington. Each of these experiences has deepened her empathy for others and allowed her to understand how systemic issues relate to personal conflicts.

After graduating from Seattle University School of Law, Cloie Chapman was admitted to the Washington State Bar Association in 2020. She then started her own firm and represented clients in Seattle on issues including protection orders and contracts. She also supported criminal defense attorneys representing Black Lives Matter protestors. In 2021 Cloie clerked for Washington State Supreme Court Justice Mary I. Yu and stayed at the court for another few months to work as a staff attorney in the Commissioner’s Office. During her time at the court Cloie was able to sharpen her research skills by diving into a variety of legal topics.

Cloie grew up in Issaquah, Washington and has lived in Seattle, Bellingham, and Olympia. She now lives in Lynnwood with her husband and three cats. Cloie spends her free time listening to podcasts, playing video games, and thinking of new home renovation projects.