Family Law Lawyer

Family Law Attorney, Calli Hisey, developed her passion for family law from the importance that her family plays in her life. Knowing the positive impact family has on individuals, Calli chose to practice family law as a primary component in her career.

Calli prides herself on the ability to connect with clients and create a foundation of a successful attorney/client relationship. Calli strives to gain trust first and foremost with clients, so that all clients feel safe with her advocating on their behalf. Calli enjoys working closely with clients and always making sure your voice is heard.

Prior to joining Envision Family Law Group, Calli worked for a high-volume family law firm in Vancouver, WA. Before that, Calli owned her own family law practice in Vancouver. Calli has extensive legal knowledge and experience. Her broad experience from General Litigation, Business Law, HOA Law, and finally to Family Law benefits her clients as she knows the inner workings of many law practices. No matter the process, Calli works hard to ensure that her clients are heard, and clients appreciate Calli’s attentiveness and concern for their cases.

Education and Personal

Calli graduated from DePaul University College of Law in 2014 where she was a recipient of the Law Merit Scholarship. Prior to law school, Calli attended Arizona State University and received a Bachelor of Science degree, Dean’s List Scholar, in Political Science.

When Calli is out of the office, she enjoys spending time with her family.  She can also be found at the yoga studio or hanging out with her dog Sammy.  She also enjoys anything outdoors, especially when it is sunny in the PNW!



Experience was different and refreshing!

If your goal is the best possible outcome – look no further!
Where do I start… I came to Calli Hisey from a place of desperation. My situation was a bit complex to say the least. I had been delaying doing what I needed to do the most to protect my sacred time with my children and end what had been a tumultuous marriage. My now ex-wife and I had been procrastinating with getting the divorce process started and I had been having visitation with my 3 daughters on a “verbal agreement” which as I soon learned is a terrible idea. One day my Ex decided to stop allowing me to see them for no reason other than she wanted to take them and move down to California. It was from this place of loss, confusion, anger and frustration that I reached out to envision family law and was connected with Ms. Hisey. When I say I knew after our initial phone / zoom consultation that Calli was the right fit for my case I mean it! She assured me that we would not allow – #1 my kids to be taken out of state and #2 that she would work tirelessly to restore my visitation rights that had been stripped from me! And that’s exactly what she did. Within days there was a restraining order and I had visitation restored almost immediately. I knew this was going to be a long road and it was. My case went all the to trial. I had a guardian ad litem, complex financial situation, and an Ex that wanted to fight everything the whole way. I’ll keep it somewhat brief by saying that we won the fight on every front. I ended up with 50/50 custody of my daughters, gave up no financial assets, and have ensured that my daughters will remain in Washington State indefinitely.. after speaking with many of my friends and professional peers I am certain that winning on all of these fronts is all but unheard of! The Envision Family Law team has deep reach, Ms. Hisey and her team handled every aspect of my complex case with professionalism, care and precision. I have dealt with many law firms and attorneys for various reasons in my journey in life. I can tell you that this experience was different and refreshing! Ms. Hisey advised me every step of the way, gave me guidance when I needed it, kept me calm and level headed when my emotions were getting the best of me, and most importantly to me was almost always reachable and communicative – which in my experience can be hard to find! I’m not great at giving reviews – but I would be doing anyone that is in a situation like mine, or anyone needing family law services in general – a disservice by not testifying to the fact that you should look no further! Family law, child custody, divorce is in my humble opinion one of the messiest but also most important things in our life! And for that – YOU WANT THE BEST! You will find that here. with Calli Hisey and with Envision Family Law! Money well spent. Derek Johnson Father, business owner, veteran.”

– Derek J., May 9, 2022