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Envision Family Law, LLP
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When you require assistance with family law matters, an Envision Family Law attorney in San Diego can help you make the right decisions. Since our founding, our attorneys have dedicated themselves to helping thousands of families during some of the most trying periods of their lives.

Our San Diego office, located in La Mesa and just south of Lake Murray, works with families all across the San Diego metropolitan area.

Family Law Practice Areas

Our attorneys regularly handle cases dealing with a variety of family law aspects, such as child custody and support, divorce law, and domestic violence cases. We learn about your situation in depth to provide customized, effective legal support.

What Does a Family Law Attorney Do?

Family law attorneys help individuals and families resolve legal disputes. Some common practice areas in this legal field include adoption, child custody, child support, domestic violence, divorce, paternity, father’s rights, relocation, and prenuptial agreements.

In addition to providing legal support, a family law attorney is a trusted confidant. Their primary goal is to advocate for you while helping you reach a favorable legal outcome. Family law cases tend to be emotionally complex and can leave people feeling isolated. Attorneys who practice in this field understand the inherently complicated emotions and relationships that arise during these cases and take great care to give you much-needed support.

Child Custody Law San Diego

When you’re going through a divorce or separation, the custody arrangement for your child(ren) can quickly become a point of contention.

During child custody cases, our attorneys will work on finding ways to prove that you’re a trustworthy and capable parent. We’ll provide you with clear, actionable advice during the case, and handle the legal work while you continue to parent your child.

Child Support Specialists

Child support payments can become a contentious element of any divorce. It’s not uncommon to find someone who believes they’re paying too much or receiving too little. If you find yourself in this situation, our family law attorneys can help you negotiate a fair child support amount.

In California, there is a formula that predetermines child support payment amounts. Doing certain activities, such as spending time with the child, can alter the final amount of child support owed. We’ll help you understand this formula to determine a fair child support payment, whether you’re the one paying or receiving the support.

California Divorce Law Experts

A contested divorce of any kind is stressful. For those with children, divorce raises questions about custody agreements and visitation. It also introduces the financial stress of transitioning to a single-income household. Those without children deal with many of those same financial difficulties. Thankfully, professional assistance from a California divorce attorney can help alleviate your stress and lead to more ideal outcomes.

Whether you need to gain child custody, or retain your hard-earned assets, the family law attorneys at Envision Family Law can help. We have decades of experience handling the unique aspects of divorce in California , including the community property assumption. We’ll work with you to help make the best of this difficult process.

Domestic Violence Attorneys

Despite crossing over into the realm of criminal law, domestic violence cases are still a part of family law. These cases can also have major implications in divorce, child custody, and child support cases. If you, your children, or another family member is a victim of domestic violence, you can take immediate action to usher them to safety.

Our family law attorneys in San Diego can help you keep yourself and your children safe following domestic abuse. We use a thorough domestic violence checklist, interviews, and other discovery methods to prove your case. With this detailed information, we can help you obtain favorable divorce and custody rulings, as well as restraining orders.

Family Law Attorneys in San Diego, CA

When going through a family law case, you need an attorney who is compassionate, experienced, and capable. The lead attorney at our San Diego office, Genevieve Suzuki has embodied these qualities for more than a decade.

Suzuki chose to practice family law specifically, citing the goal of helping families achieve positive outcomes during difficult times. In her career as a lawyer, she has been admitted to the Louis M. Welsh Inn of Court, which promotes the ongoing education of attorneys, and the San Diego Family Law Bar Association, among others.

She was nominated by the San Diego Daily Transcript as one of San Diego’s top young attorneys, and was named one of San Diego Metro Magazine’s Top 40 Under 40. In addition to these honors, she has also received the Rising Star designation from Super Lawyers and the Wiley W. Manuel Award for pro bono work with the San Diego Volunteer Lawyers program.

Contact a San Diego Family Law Attorney Today for a Consultation

When Envision Family Law was first founded, it was with the intent of helping people find access to capable and caring family law attorneys. After more than 25 years as a legal practice, our success has been proven, and our goals haven’t changed.

We know the difficulties associated with family law cases, so we’ve made it easy to get in touch. Our San Diego office offers consultations via phone, email, text, and virtually.

Call (619) 462-0995, or fill out the form atop this page to reach out to an Envision Family Law attorney in San Diego today.