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5 Star Reviews

“Exceptional legal expertise and courtroom strategy!”

I was a client in a unique child support case with original settlement terms developed out-of-state. Kimberly demonstrated genuine concern for me as a person and the well-being of my child. She quickly reviewed a voluminous amount of documentation and assembled arguments to represent me. She displayed extraordinary legal scholarship in dealing with the principles involved in the out-of-state settlement.

Most importantly, Kimberly leveraged impressive talent and incisiveness for the judge’s interpretation of the law to adapt her arguments in court. She was well-prepared and incredibly agile during court proceedings, leading to a dismissal of the motion to modify the original agreement.

In dealing with four different attorneys throughout the defense and management of custody and child support agreements, Kimberly has far and away been the most successful attorney I’ve worked with. I would absolutely retain her services again and would urge anyone else in a family-related case to do the same.

“Amazing attorney!”

I just finished up divorce proceedings and I was lucky enough to have David represent me. My number one concern was my children and he made sure that they were the first priority from the consultation to resolution. David made himself available to me throughout the entire process and was always quick to return emails and phone calls- not only from me but from my ex husband as well. In such a stressful time I have been truly blessed to have David’s knowledge and experience, as well as his compassion and understanding to help me through it. I cannot praise him enough!!!


Jonathan is very professional, understanding and pays the utmost attention to fine details. He is punctual and facilitates honest and accountable communication. He is a pleasure to work with and I would not only retain his services again, but I highly recommend him to anyone needing his assistance.


“Worth Every Penny”

I hired Jason Benjamin to represent me in a case in regards to my children’s father, and a parenting plan. Things got super ugly before I hired him, and I was beyond upset and hurt. Once I met with Jason he restored my faith, and made me feel empowered when it comes to my children. Him and his team did an exceptional job going to bat for my family, and I am forever grateful. He is extremely knowledgeable, confident, and will fight for what is right. I had the best experience, and worth every penny!

“Child Custody”

David Braswell gets the highest review and recommendations from my husband and I.  He helped us get through a very difficult time to gain temporary custody of our granddaughter in her time of need.


Great move Envision Family Law! The best thing that this firm could have done, was to hire Attorney Scott Marlow. While I am certain that all of the attorneys are great at what they do, it takes a special human to alleviate the chaos and the ugly from a divorce procedure. I was married to a narcissist with money, who had an attorney without boundaries or ethics… but, I had Scott and they were not ready for him. Scott handled my “ugly” with compassion, kindness and most of all intelligence and backbone. Scott, thank you for your humor and your professionalism. You found a way to make me smile through the tears and you took care of all of the “what if’s” and “now what’s.” When I wanted to react from anger and frustration, you responded with knowledge and class and nothing else needed to be said. I am pretty sure that they are still asking themselves, “what just happened?” To that I say… Scott just happened!

“3rd Party Custody modification motion”

We hired Kelly to deal with a motion filed for a custody modification in a 3rd party custody case. Kelly has always been professional and helping us decide how to present our case.  She knows how to present the case with the important details needed to win.  We were successful in having the adequate cause motion denied.  We then had to deal with a Reconsideration and a Revision.  Each time she presented the exact information in a manner that allowed for us to succeed.  We are extremely grateful for all she has done.

“Saved by Susan”

Early this year, I left for work and upon my return my family was GONE. My significant other took our 5 yr old autistic son to her birth state of WA, over 3000 miles from our home in FL. A home we shared with my mother.

I secured an attorney in FL and we filed a Motion of Paternity and an Emergency Motion for Pickup Order for my son, which would have brought my son back home. A few days after his mother received the order, she filed a Domestic Violence Protection Order against my mother and I in WA, providing her with temporary custody of our son. These DVPOs not only represented serious long term issues for my mother and I as to any future contact with my son, but they also frustrated the FL court as it pertained to the EMPO I had filed earlier.

So, I began my search for counsel in WA for both my mother and I. Using the web and having knowledge of the Seattle area, I felt confident navigating for potential legal candidates.

The first time I spoke with Susan I was taken aback at how calm and self assured she made me feel. It was such a great conversation that I ended my search there. My mother also loved what she was hearing, and we hired Susan and provided a retainer.

My mother and I are realists, and we entered into this agreement knowing that having a good attorney did not guarantee a win for our DVPO cases.

Susan and her paralegal, Donna, worked with my mother and I over the next weeks preparing for our cases in WA. I gave permission for both Susan and my FL attorney to confer with each other as I still have cases in FL that would be affected by the WA cases. Hearing day came, my mother and I were obligated to appear so we flew to WA. Susan had explained to us for the final time what her strategy for the hearings would be. In the end, both my mother and I were vindicated with denials on both DVPOs, not just dismissals. Since he was taken and until the day of the hearing, I had not had any communications with my son. But starting that afternoon after the hearing Susan secured for me weekly face time with my son.

That same day my son’s mother served me with Motion of Paternity in WA. Her MP directly conflicted with mine which forced a UCCJEA, Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act, hearing.
For me, it meant two hearings conducted in their respective states over a conference call. Susan represented me on the WA side of this hearing. We won that one as well. FL was determined to have jurisdiction for future cases involving my son and custody.

Why should you retain Susan Kennedy and her team???

Ignore her years of employment in the field. Ignore her time as a “Guardian ad Litem”, an attorney for the young victims of divorce or separation when neither of parents/guardians are acting in the best interests on their young victims.

The former alone should be enough to seriously consider Susan Kennedy. But the following are the reasons why you should want Susan to help you during your difficult time:

1. Although she doesn’t waste words, she does make a strong effort to explain everything.
2. She helps you manage your expectations.
3. If you have questions or concerns, she is great about replying in a reasonable amount of time. This has been a major calming factor for me specifically.
4. Susan and Donna made it easy when it came to sharing information and signing documents. If you are cpu savy you will benefit from the systems they have in place.
5. Brass tax, My mother and I are not loaded with disposable income. My mother is retired after 46 years with a major bank. I’m an Army Veteran currently in a civil service job. We live modestly in FL. We knew that hiring a lawyer, any lawyer, was not an inexpensive endeavor; yet Susan worked with us. This was really important because it made us feel that for Susan, we were not just another pay check and that she genuinely was empathetic to our situation and would be doing what she could to provided us with favorable outcomes.

If I could clone her and her team, I would.

“Forever my go to!”

I have hired Jason on multiple occasions to represent me over the past 8 years. My most recent case was supposed to be a simple child support modification filed with the state turned messy. I retained Mr. Benjamin to represent my children and I and get to the bottom of the discrepancies coming from the other party that the state did not seem to care about. No one has ever worked harder to get to the truth than Mr. Benjamin and his team. I received almost daily updates with every new discovery made within my case, phone calls from Mr. Benjamin personally to give me updates and to answer all my questions, and Melissa’s accessibility and effectiveness is unmatched. Mr. Benjamin’s passion and compassion come through in all aspects of his practice from consultations, depositions, hearings, and following up. He is calm, diligent, and the best lawyer I’ve every worked with. Every item that I needed addressed was handled and taken care of from start to finish and in a favorable manor. I am so glad that I had Mr. Benjamin on my side for this most recent case as well as my previous cases. I would rehire and recommend Mr. Benjamin to anyone that needed a family law attorney.

“Outstanding and Patient”

My divorce took over a year and David was with me every step of the way. He is knowledgeable and even handed when it comes to advising. I feel I wouldn’t have better results with any other lawyer and he will be the one I go to in the future if I need another lawyer.

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