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5 Star Reviews

“Thanks Natalie! You are AMAZING!!!”

As someone who has been involved with family law for over 10 years and has represented myself and sought representation from other family law attorneys, Natalie reestablished the bar for me. She helped me understand each step of the process. She didn’t sell me a bag of goods. She was authentic and realistic from consultation through the final order. I couldn’t have asked for better representation. Her understanding of family law and court room etiquette helped put my mind at ease. I came away from this experience knowing a lot more about family law than I did going in.

If only Natalie represented me from the beginning of my engagement with the family court system….

Thanks Natalie! You are AMAZING!!!

“Brought my son home”

In early July 2018 I was put on a rollercoaster ride. My son had been packed up and moved across the country overnight. I was in panic and no idea where to turn. After searching for hours and reading reviews on several attorneys, I consulted with Mr Moffit and immediately felt the concern and care about my situation. Mr Moffit and his team have been very professional,prepared and open with all communication! I highly recommend Jonathan to take on any family law case. He was able to get my son back to the state and get my parenting plan finalized. I can’t thank him enough for fighting for the best outcome for my son and I . It was a great pleasure working with him.

“good at his job”

David, gave excellent counsel he is definitely good at his job. I was impressed by his common sense approach it simplified everything. I would most definitely recommend him.


David was able to help us get custody of my daughter from the mother. So as a father I am grateful that he was able to settle the case for me.

“Highest recommendation!!!!”

From the initial consultation to the phone call that everything was finally over with, David stood by my side. Never once did I regret my decision to have him represent me. David is an honest, professional and hard-working man of integrity who always told me the truth, no matter how difficult it was to hear. It was obvious he was invested in my case and actually cared about the outcome. I would choose David as my attorney again and again.

“Hero who helped my little family”

I highly recommend Jonathan Moffitt to any of my family, friends, co-workers and etc.. I had another attorney working on my case for over a year and I didn’t see any sense in paying that attorney more when no action what being made. I was recommended Mr. Moffitt and I am so happy I hired him! He communicates in a timely fashion, supportive, well prepared, understanding of court processes. He truly was the Hero to making things happen and now I have a parenting & child support order on paper.

“Envision Family Law”

My 11 year old grandson was taken by CPS three weeks ago due to incidents years prior. They stonewalled us at every turn, would not respond to our frequent calls and emails, trips into their offices, etc. We retained Jonathan on a Thursday, and he began blowing up their phones and emails immediately. His staff sprang into action preparing documents and getting them processed. By the NEXT day, a petition was filed in court, signed by the judge, and my grandson was released home to me. CPS was neglecting my grandson. If you find yourself dealing with CPS, do not delay. Jonathan Moffitt saved our family. Thank you Envision Family Law.

-Jody Paulson


CPS recently took my 11 year old grandson for incidents of years prior and put him in a group home. They did not respond to our phone calls, emails and office visits. After several weeks of stonewalling, We retained Jonathan on a Thursday. During the consultation, he began calling and emailing CPS. His excellent staff went into action immediately, processing and filing a court action, and by the NEXT day the judge signed an order and CPS released my grandson home to me. My grandson would have had to spend Christmas with strangers if not for the swift and thorough action of this attorney. Thank you Jonathan and Envision Family Law for saving our family.

“Exceptional legal expertise and courtroom strategy!”

I was a client in a unique child support case with original settlement terms developed out-of-state. Kimberly demonstrated genuine concern for me as a person and the well-being of my child. She quickly reviewed a voluminous amount of documentation and assembled arguments to represent me. She displayed extraordinary legal scholarship in dealing with the principles involved in the out-of-state settlement.

Most importantly, Kimberly leveraged impressive talent and incisiveness for the judge’s interpretation of the law to adapt her arguments in court. She was well-prepared and incredibly agile during court proceedings, leading to a dismissal of the motion to modify the original agreement.

In dealing with four different attorneys throughout the defense and management of custody and child support agreements, Kimberly has far and away been the most successful attorney I’ve worked with. I would absolutely retain her services again and would urge anyone else in a family-related case to do the same.

“Amazing attorney!”

I just finished up divorce proceedings and I was lucky enough to have David represent me. My number one concern was my children and he made sure that they were the first priority from the consultation to resolution. David made himself available to me throughout the entire process and was always quick to return emails and phone calls- not only from me but from my ex husband as well. In such a stressful time I have been truly blessed to have David’s knowledge and experience, as well as his compassion and understanding to help me through it. I cannot praise him enough!!!

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