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Tacoma Family Lawyer Kelly LeBlanc

“Highly recommended! Excellent representation!”

David has been my attorney for over a decade and has helped me with a variety of family law cases.  He is knowledgeable, experienced, professional, trustworthy, timely, communicative, and effective.  I will continue to use him for future legal services should I need him.  Highly recommended!!!

“Great Family Lawyer”

We hadn’t seen my nephew in 2 years when we hired Mr. Braswell.  He went to bat for us and got visitation back for the family and we are now working on the parenting plan. He has done great things for my family.

“Great Lawyer, highly recommended”

I consulted and then hired David to handle a contempt motion against my ex. He was very upfront with what to expect and the costs of such a motion.  Things went great and I got to see my kid again!  I will definitely be hiring David for my next contempt motion!

“Divorce and Separation”

David Braswell represented me in my divorce and separation and gave me excellent advice throughout the whole process.  We came up with a game plan from our 1st meeting and everything was executed to a tee by Mr. Braswell and the final result was resolved within 6 months due to his due diligence and excellent communication skills with me.

“Thank you, Mr. Benjamin”

I hired Jason Benjamin to help me dissolve a very long and unhappy marriage.  I was very nervous, but he put me at ease.  He was very kind and he did a good job in getting me a fair division of property and spousal support.  I believe he was very thorough and honest in my case.  He helped me in the mediation process and gave me good advice so that we could settle out of court, which is what my ex and I both wanted.  I would recommend Mr. Benjamin very highly.

“Great lawyer”

David took over my son’s divorce case started by someone else.  David is giving advice for a better/or best outcome in a bad divorce child custody.  He is available to talk with when needed and is concerned about running up the bill unnecessarily.  He has a calming manner and communicates in terms we can understand.

“Excellent attorney!!! Highly Recommended”

Susan is a fantastic family law attorney! She has handled multiple family law issues for me dealing with child custody, child support, etc., dating back to 2013. I previously had a 50/50 custody arrangement with my ex-wife.  When she wanted to relocate the kids to another part of the state in the summer of 2014, Susan helped me through the process of opposing the move and ultimately getting primary custody of my kids.

Susan is straight forward, honest and a great communicator.  I’ve always felt like she was a great match for my situation and what I ultimately wanted for my kids.  She has always been transparent and realistic about possible court outcomes.  Most importantly, Susan is a good person that will always have your family and kids’ best interests in mind.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

“Attorneys don’t normally get called “Hero””

Kevin has gone above and beyond what a typical attorney would do, but then again Kevin is no typical attorney. From the first time I walked into his office he put me at ease.  I was just coming out of a domestic violence relationship where most weekends I didn’t know if I was going to live or die.  Kevin was always there making sure my kids and I were safe.  He worked non stop on my case.  He would and ask if I needed anything.  If you want a real attorney that will fight for you then Kevin Rundle is the one.  He assisted myself and my military spouse get moved to another military base.  When my husband was deployed to Iraq, my ex was harassing me day and night where I couldn’t get any sleep, Kevin took care of it.  Because of Kevin I feel like I could move on and do anything.  I can’t say enough good things about Kevin.  Even after 10 years, he still checks in on me.  A true fan.


Jason is a bulldog. I went to him after being laughed out of several lawyers offices and told I had no shot at equal custody of my daughter because my ex was making false accusations of domestic violence. Even the previous attorney I had hired had told me that I would never gain equal custody and I just needed to bend over and take whatever my ex-wife decided to give me (because I had poked the ‘mama bear’ by asking for equal time).

But Jason said he believed I had a good case for 50/50 custody and then he won it for me. He was calm, confident, smart, and persuasive in trial and was able to get my ex-wife to admit she was lying while she was on the stand. Throughout the case he was calm and kept me calm and realistic. I do have to say that the other reviewers who are saying he is hard to get hold of are correct, but even with that fault I would hire him again in a heart-beat and will with any future issues.


MR. Rundle in perfectly and honestly with my case and love is when he explained everything is clearly, he never mind to explain by slowly when has communication with someone used English second language. He gave me a hope in my case until I can have full custody. Now he still my lawyer the since 2013 until present. Thank you so much for u help.

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